Modern Home Architecture with Futuristic Design

You are lucky, because will show you the modern home architecture here. The house is showed by some pictures. They are interior and exterior designs. Both of them use futuristic design. It is awesome design. This home will be trendsetter. Well, if you need to increase your house design, you can take a look for some pictures here. Absolutely, they will give you much inspiration about the futuristic designs. This home is called Wave House designed by Gunes Peksen.

Astonishing Beach House Contemporary Showing Unique Design Architecture with Large Modern Courtyard on Wave House

These are the modern home architecture styles pictures which we are talking about. See, the house is designed with wave home shape. That is white wall. Around the house are the coconut trees. It is perfect view. After that, the white paved road driveway is created near the house. It is special for the luxury car which will pass that road. In the front house, you can go inside the house through the stair. The stair is designed with glass handrail. You can see the glass wall in the front house. Around the house is the green yard landscaping.

The inside room is designed with futuristic interior designs. They are blue sofa and pink sofa with patterned pillows. In the middle of them is the carpet. Then, there is round pot for keeping the plants. Next to the pot is the silver floor lamp. Anyway, they are standing on the white flooring. This room seems so cheerful with some colors in the furniture designs. By sitting in this room, you can see the beautiful outside view.

Awesome Wave House Exterior View with Green Lawn and White Deck Surrounded by Coconutrees and Other Green Vegetations

Then, see the pool. From the front room, you can go down pass the stair to the pool. The white color around the pool makes this pool seems so blue. This fresh swimming pool is one of best space in this home. Next to the pool is the black chair. If you don’t mind to swim, you can have a seat in that chair. This is one of futuristic styles of houses with pool.

Beautiful Design Architecture of the Wave House Floating fron the Ground Painted in Pure White with Glass Accents

Clean Glass Balustrade on the Outdoor Corridor Wave Beach House Floating from the Ground and Painted in Pure White

Exquisite View from Side the Wave Beach House with Transparent Interior Due to the Floor and Ceiling Glass Window and Door

Contemporary Interior Furniture at the Wave Beach House Show Pink Geaometrical Sofa Nearby the Glass Wall with Sunlight

Fancy Pink and Grey Geometrical Sofa at the Wave Beach House Living Space with Arch Lamp and Small Artworks Beside them

Green Lawn and Flat Stable Site at Beach Landscape Surrounded the Wave Beach House Suspended Architecture Design with Pool

Lonely and Private Corner Seating Area with Barcelona Sofa and Clean Glass Wall Provide Beautiful View Around Wave Beach House

Long and Narrow Pool at the Wave Beach House Surrounded by White Below the Main Floor of the House Floating on the Air

Luxury Car and Luxury White House Side by View with Gravels and Concrete Deck on Modern Beach House Namely Wave House

Modern Black Barcelona Sofa and Stacked Books with a Cup of Coffee is Perfect Combination to Enjoy the Evening at Wave Beach House

Sleek Contemporary Architecture of the Wave Beach House in Pure White with Modern Courtyard Green Lawn and Coconut Trees

Stunning Design Wave Beach House from Distance View Appearing WHite and Stylish Architecture Between Green Beach Landscape

Small Pool Wall Designed at Outside the Wave Beach House with Floating Staircase to Connect the Main Floor from the Ground

Sunny Beach and Bright Outdoor at the Daylight Around the Wave Beach House with A Sport Sedan Stand on the Deck

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