Modern House Decor in the Town Living Place Style

This cube house applies modern house decor. The impressive exterior and interior designs of this home make the people feel comfort live in that house. You can get the reference about the town house. This house is designed special for the home which will be built in the town area. Anyway, we give exterior and interior pictures and the floor plan pictures. Hopefully, they will help you to increase your inspiration. This project has a name, Grangegorman Residence designed by ODOS Architects.

Beautiful Night View of the Grangegorman Residence Showing Transparent Interior at the Second Level Floor of this House

These are the modern house decor ideas pictures. Through these pictures you can see the location of this home. You know that this home is built near the paved road driveway, so the people who live in that home can reach the public place easily. There is a porch in the front house. The porch is protected by white concrete fence. The porch is designed with plants on the brown pot and the table set. The table set contains wooden chairs and wooden circle table. Then, the house is designed with white wall and glass window. You can put your car or motorcycle in the garage next to the table set.

See inside the home. See, there is a lounge with couch. The couch faces the window. That window is covered by white curtain. Then, there is storage which is created along the stair. So, you can take or put the something when pass the stair. There is a white open storage in a room. The storage is used for keeping some DVD, VCD, accessories and some miniatures to increase the performance of the room. You can see the books are putted on the VCD in the bottom shelf. They are adhering on the wall.

Contemporary Design and Architecture of the Grangegorman Residence wih Square Glass Window at the Second Level Floor

Then, see the floor plan pictures. There are some floor plan pictures which are very helpful for creating a home, especially the home which will be built in the town. After seeing these modern house decorating ideas pictures hopefully you can get much reference.

A Man Ride the Blue Harley on the Street Beside the Grangegorman Residence a Historical House in Grey in White Accents

Awesome Modern House Architecture with Covered Glass Window at the Grangegorman Residence Showing Transparent Interior

Gorgeous Sitting Nook at the Grangegorman Residence on the Wooden Floor Decor with Planter and Covered by the Curtain

Modern Minimalist House Design Architecture at the Grangegorman Residence Closed Garage with Open Glass Window

Minimalist Outdoor Furniture at Grangegorman Residence Porch Under the Second Level Floor Wooden Round Table and Chairs

Night by View of the Grangegorman Residence with Beautiful Lighting Show Garage on the Lower Floor with Harley and Bicycle

Pure White Open Storage Design Beside the Staircase and  Under the Skylight Provide Bright Natural Lighting at Grangegorman Residence

Quiet Street in Front of the Grangegorman Residence Showing Parked Cars Under the Sunny Daylight with Blue Sky

Sleek Wooden Staircase Design Use Metal Handle and Open Storage Beside it in the Grangegorman Residence Lit up by the Skylight

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