Modern House Design in a Sloping Snowy Area with an Opened Concept

The Denieuwegeneratie had built a fascinating modern house designing the middle of a snowy area and called it as the Dutch Mountain House. This residence has 12 x 19 meters width with complex design of the interior, but this time we will only examine simply about the exterior. Since this building is been built on its own mountain, sloping area cannot be denied then. Take a look at the first picture here. From the distance you can see a unique exterior made up from woods and glass comes up from the snowy hills. Surrounded by white circumstances, this residence still cannot hide its beauty.

Vase of Flowers on the Wooden Table nearby the Staircase

If you see the house from the backyard, you will get the scenery that you could see in the second picture. Almost no parts of the building are able to be seen. Yes, almost of every part of it is covered up by the mountain and snows. Only some little parts of the wooden still easy to be seen. The third picture presents you another side of the house. There, a small part of sunken exterior wall, a simple white door is available to ease your access. That one is the alternative entrance for you to enter the house. Don’t you think those are some models of great modern house design to try?

Now you could see the house clearly from its facade. Glass walls are covering up all around the building here. Wooden frames and glass windows are combining perfectly here. Two leaves of the main entrance will take you inside the house easily to warm up your cold days. If you walk closer to the building, you could see how amazing the building is had been built. Since it’s been built among the high sloping land, the designers tried to create a great item on the wall. There, on the top of the house you can see a rounded glass globe being a beautiful window of the residence. You can spend your time by sitting there and enjoying the scenery in bright days.

House Wooden Table and White Dining Chairs on the White Marble Floor

A little looks at the inside of the house; let’s see the last one picture here. The walls around are still natural, with no paints been applied. The designers just left it clear in concrete color: grey. This is the dining room. A long dining room with asymmetrical shape from wooden materials is surrounded by 6 dining chairs. Opened concept that been installed in the building helps the house gets some more natural lights from the outside. If you want to know better about the modern house design, you can learn the pictures given for more.

House White Staircase nearby the Windows at the Room Space Corner

House with Wood Based Materials on the Wall Construction Located in a Snowy Hills County

Incluidng White Bedstead with All White Pillows and Blanket

Lower Ground Floor under the Snowy Surface in the Hills County

Round Shape Window on the Grey Wall Construction

Snowy Area Wooden Board with the Chimneys on the Roof

Snowy Hills Wooden Wall Construction with Glass Doors

Unique Books Shelf from Cars Replica attach on the Wall

Wooden Board Combined with Glass on the Wall Construction

Wooden Racks with a Brown Color at the Space Corner

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