Modern House Suitable for Newlyweds or Couples

Some people want to have modern house no matter what they prefer. But in turn, it will make them to fill in space of the living place with various modern items, including furniture and decorations. The key point here is white walls functioned as partition. But it may sound boring and only ordinary style, right? Then see this arrangement of applying green-grass wire in order to make a frame surrounding this wall.

Luxurious White Apartment Living Room Interior with Smart Built in Wall TV Cabinet and Open Shelf Studded under It

As mentioned before, the combination of green and white applied in wall is actually done to backdrop wall of living area or lounge zone. Soft grey fabric sofas are placed in front of this wall, along with tour lamp with white lampshade and silver stick. Modern house design then is completed by painting wall facing with sofas in metallic blue color. In order to make this room looks more entertaining; do not forget to mount a large black LCD TV screen.

Another distinctive point in this house for newlywed is that it has sliding black glass panels in height from floor-to-ceiling size. This removable partition actually hides kitchen area behind it. White theme is designed for kitchen with white cabinets and drawers, and also white countertop. White lampshades are hung over the counter and there are two small rectangular stools in black finish. Transparent glass vase is placed on top of table, which is filled with indoor plants.

Minimalist Lime Green Lining Applied over the White Modern Apartment Living Room Edging to Emphasize the Shape of Room

Let’s move to bedroom area. White ceiling embedded with star lamps is then combined with soft brown walls with white molding accent in lower parts. There is bedroom nook built right next to window. Decorating modern house design can be done here by adding pillows and soft cushions, and remember to hang dark lavender curtain to build up the mood. Meanwhile, white and gray bed sheet from silk material is covered to mattress, along with pillows.

Contemporary Kitchen Counter with Sliding Door to Hide Storage Area inside It and Wide Surface to Accommodate Meals

Cool and Contemporary White Living Space Interior Decor with Gray and Black Furniture Set in Lounge Area

Easy Folding Door Divider Operating System to Open up the Small Kitchen by Hiding it behind Mirror

Efficient Setting of Modern Apartment Bedroom Interior Painted in Neutral White and Light Brown Combination to Warm up the Room

Elegant Apartment Design Living Room with Cool TV Unit Studded on a Blue Colored Wall Side to Contrast Other White Wall Sides around

Clever First Section of Modern Apartment Room Floor Plan Displaying Lounge and Tiny Kitchen Area for Cooking

Complete Full Appearance of Ground Floor Plan of Modern Apartment Diplaying Lounge and Kitchen Seen from the Top

Final Top Fourth Room Section Floor Plan of Modern Apartment Displaying Master Bedroom Bath and Staircase Area

Fabulous Appearance of White Tight Modern Apartment Kitchen Seen from Lounge Area with Chic Setting of Cabinetry

Hygienic Impression Creation of Modern Apartment Interior Appearance with Unitary Room Concept to Keep the Space Effective as Well

Magnificent Apartment Master Bedroom Interior Style with Fixtures for Book Storage Bench Home Office and Nightstand

Modern Apartment Bedroom Interior Design with Minimalist Home Office Desk Library with Reading Bench and Resting Spot Near It

Modern Apartment Design with 3D Wall Art Concept Covering the Upper Part of Living Room Center Wall

Genius Third Room Secttion Floor Plan of Modern Apartment Displaying Entertainment Room and Staircase Area

Luxurious Appearance of Second Apartment Room Section Floor Plan Displaying Staircase and Floor to Ceiling Folding Door Divider

Simple yet Cozy Apartment Living Room with Cool Dark Transparent Floor to Ceiling Room Divider Idea

Smart Room Divider Idea to Separate Tiny Kitchen Area from Spacious Lounge Area without Causing Space Distraction

Smart Space Saving Plan of Modern Apartment Bedroom Wall Unit Functioned as Versatile Nightstand and Decorative Item

Spacious Tight White Kitchen Area with Breakfast Counter with no Dark Floor to Ceiling Room Divider Version

Unique Wall Lamp of Modern Apartment Bedroom with Small and Antique Design to Adore by Day and Night

Warm Corner Spot of Modern Apartment Living Room with a Couple of Items Namely Side Table and Chair Enlightened by Floor Lamp

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