Modern Japanese Interior Decoration with White Color Tone

White color within this modern Japanese Interior surely emerges the cozy nuance. Perfect arrangement of the interior gives you the comfortable circumstances from the compact interior decoration. Contrasting color tone from the facade and interior design is perfectly blended to amaze people. The ecological project slips within this interior by utilizing the white colored wall. Bright and shiny nuance surrounds you to give the pleasure living experience within this spacious area.

Floor Made from Wooden Veneer also Big Black LCD Television

Dark facade with big glazed windows constructs this building from the outside. Entering the building the characteristic of modern Japanese interior design is presented within white surrounding decoration. Comfortable living area is designed on the laminate floor. Cross-legged living room is designed with simple pillows and television cabinets from wood. At the behind, cozy kitchen blends white kitchen cabinets and wooden dining area for presenting the comfort nuance. White wall reflects the natural lights from the glazed wall around this area.

Two kinds of stair are designed at the both sides of this area. Spiral and classic stairs are designed in wall. Private areas are perfectly camouflaged within the white wall. Sliding doors are used for the entrance room into the private bedroom at the second floor. The totality of white decoration is also applied for decorating the modern pendant lights in circular style. Square holes at the wall are designed to utilize the natural lighting that comes from through the glazed windows at the wall. Spacious and ergonomic interior from the high ceiling emerges the comfortable living area in Japanese style.

Staircase which is Made from Metallic Material which Has White Colored Handrail

Blending idea of modernity and Japanese style is perfectly combined. White reveals the cozy and bright nuance when it reflects the natural shine that comes through the windows. High ceiling is displayed with the spacious second floor to accommodate the private area. Chic nuance helps you to feel the comfortable living experience with the modern Japanese interior design style with white modern decoration from the entire building.

Horizontal Shaped Rooftop also Several Square Shaped Windows Made from Glass Panel

White Colored Metallic Spiral Staircase also White Concrete Wall

White Colored Wooden Ladder also Square Shaped Skylight on the Ceiling

White Concrete Wall also Square Shaped Glass Windows near Silver Stainless Frame

White Cover of Pendant Lamp which Has White Color also Spiral Shaped White Staircase

White Wall Made from Concrete also Ball Shaped Pendant Lamp on the Ceiling

White Handrail also Square Shaped Skylight on the Ceiling

White Wooden Floor also White Handrail Made from Metallic Material

White Wooden Ladder also Floor Made from Wooden Material

Wooden Chairs also Dining Table which is Made from Wooden Material

Wooden Floor also White Colored Wall Made from Concrete

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