Modern Minimalist Home in White Color Domination

If you visit Yehuda, Tel Aviv, Israel, you will see a modern minimalist home of Even Yehuda House designed by Sharon Neuman in collaboration with Oded Stern Meiraz. This home was finished in 2010 and has sturdy exterior design. When you step closer to the house, then you can feel the minimalist mix with elegant appearance. At the end, you will find one of the best urban homes in town.

Black Soft Sofa also Metallic Chandelier Hanged in the Ceiling

The two-story dwelling has strong character that makes you want to explore more and more. The white wall paints look match with the house. You will find the uncovered walking balcony at the second floor. You need to be careful when you walk there because there is no railing or cover to keep you safe. The backyard looks cool for the family gathering because you can see spacious courtyard with outdoor dining area. Now, let us see the modern minimalist home interiors inside the house.

Everyone will love to spend their time at the sitting room of this house. You will see minimalist sitting room that also has a function as the living room. There is floor sofa in grey color at the right side of the room. You can find two modern leather armchairs in black color at the left side. Beside the sofa, you will find custom wall bookshelves fulfill with the homeowner’s book collections. The dining area becomes one with the kitchen.

Black Ceramic Tiles of Bathroom also Silver Stainless Shower

It has simple kitchen design without the kitchen island. You only can see long kitchen cabinet in white color. If you go to the house corridor, you will find the home office space at the end of the corridor. You also will see minimalist bedroom design in white color domination. You will see mosaic tile bathtub in the minimalist bathroom of the house. This house is not only showing you a modern minimalist home interior design, but also stunning exterior design.

Blue Pillows Blue Blocks Blanket also White Wooden Bookshelf

Grey Concrete Staircase also Transparent Glass Wall

Grey Staircase Made from Concrete also Silver Chandelier on the Ceiling

Light Brown Wooden Chair also Light Brown Wooden Dining Table

Light Brown Wooden Chair also Silver Stainless Shower

Soft Brown Wooden Floor also Several Brown Chairs Made from Wood

Horizontal Shaped of Roof also Bright Yellow Inside Lighting

Vanity which is Made from Wooden Material also Black Colored Classic Stove

Wall Made from Concrete Blocks also Diagonal Shaped Rooftop

White Colored Pillows White Blanket also White Bed Linen

White Concrete Wall also Bright Wall Lamp in White Color

White Concrete Wall also Several Square Shaped Windows

White Stone Outer Wall also White Concrete Inner Wall

White Stone Wall also White Bridge Made from Wooden Material

White Wall Made from Concrete Blocks also Dark Grey Wooden Door

Wooden Floor also Light Brown Wooden Door

Wooden Floor also White Ceiling Made from Concrete

Wooden Material Placed on White Concrete Wall

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