Modern Restaurant with Oriental Design

The oriental nuance within the modern restaurant brings the exciting culinary experience when we are coming in. This restaurant is perfectly designed the oriental idea that is blended with modern building. Elegant white wall is designed by accompanying of classic Asian garden decoration. Within it, modern nuance is perfectly combined with oriental tone. It is showcased with the special color tone as the wall decoration. Glazed wall is designed around this site to bring the enjoyable nuance of the courtyard while we eat our meal.

Bright Orange Lighting from Inside the House

Oriental characteristic of the garden decoration is shown by planting the special trees from Asian type. With the rocks decoration on the green grass, the nuance surely emerges to support the modern restaurant design. White color surrounds the building as the facade with the use of glazed wall for continuing the landscape towards your eyes. Elegant spotlights spot the courtyard and the building for revealing the appearance. The U shape of the building surrounds the garden in order can be enjoyed by the visitors within the building.

Within this area, white still dominates as the wall color theme. Modern nuance surrounds the passengers completely. White furniture that is arranged along this public area brings you to the elegant culinary activity. Many pillars in tube design are colored with golden for emerging the orientalist nuance. Long seats area is designed in white with indirect lamps above it. Glamorous private area surely brings you to the oriental atmosphere when you have a private gathering. Sparkling backsplash is decorated for surrounding the dark tone of the sofas. Different nuance like in the cave is designed in sparkling red color theme with wooden tables and black chairs. Ceramic wall in red is decorated to make the oriental accompanies you when you are in the bathroom. Another glamorous area is designed in white wall with wooden tables and chairs. Classic pendant lights above them strengthen the classic nuance.

Beautiful Garden Filled near Several Trees also Bright Colorful Lighting

Exciting experience of having a dinner can be an unforgettable moment for you and your friends when you have the culinary activities at this restaurant. Different nuance by blending the modernity and orientalist accent attracts people to have a gathering. Glazed door around this building allows the passengers to enjoy the refreshing nuance of the garden in classic Asian circumstance. The modern restaurant design concept above surely brings you to the luxurious culinary with the oriental accent.

Black Colored Chandelier Placed on the Ceiling

Bright Wall Made from Ceramic Tiles also White Ceramic Closet

Concrete Wall also Bright Soft Yellow Lighting Inside the House

Cream Floor Made from Marble also Single Pillar which is Placed on the Handrail

Dark Brown Wooden Dining Table also White Ceiling Made from Concrete

Light Brown Chairs also Light Brown Dining Table which is Made from Wooden Material

Cube Shaped Table Made from Wooden Material also Several Dark Colored Soft Sofa

Marble Floor also White Ceiling which is Made from Concrete

Several White Soft Pillows also Square Surface of Wooden Table

Soft Pillows also Black Colored Ceiling which Has Several Bright Ceiling

Square Shaped Dining Table also Dark Brown Wall Made from Ceramic Tiles

Table which is Made from Wooden Material also Bright White Lighting

Transparent Wall Partitions Made from Glass Material

Wall which is Made from Concrete which Has Dark Brown Frame Made from Wooden Material

White Handrail which is Made from Wooden Material

Wooden Chairs also Light Brown Pillar Made from Wooden Material

Wooden Chairs also Several White Colored Soft Pillows

Wooden Material also Bright White Lighting in the Room

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