Modern Rural Home Featuring Comfortable Airy Interior

The Seaview House is a modern rural home that is situated in Barwon Heads, Australia. Wonderfully designed by Jackson Clements Burrows, this rural home displays what is expected from any rural home. As you can see, the pitched roof is simply noticeable, right? Consisted of three pavilions, this home offers you a connection with modern style through its spacious interior design.

Astonishing Sea View House with Green Lawn also Outdoor Pergola with Aluminum Material also Hardwood Floor with Minimalist Design of House

The architectural and exterior design, however, is not the only thing that ties this home to its rural style. Blending beautifully with the American barn-like style of this home design is the amazing natural environment neighboring. Well, don’t you think that one of the modern rural home designs here is a great inspiration for your holiday retreat as well?

We really adore how the exterior of this home includes a beautiful green garden, making this perfect for you who love gardening. The front yard displays the beautiful perennials which blend beautifully with the natural landscape, thus creating a natural harmony with the environments. The home courtyard itself showcases a spacious sprawling lawn which can be a great place for picnic while enjoying lunch during sunny summer days. Well, with the beautiful nature as essential element of this home, it becomes unsurprising to find how each pavilion is designed with cozy terrace.

Awesome Sea View House with Sloping Ceiling Design also Stage Lamps with Track Panel and Hardwood Floor Installation also Rustic Fireplace

Let’s enter this home to find how its spacious interior is not the only one making this home simply comfortable to live in. Look at this open and ultra-spacious living area that is connected by an open kitchen. As you can see, the wooden element surely can create a warm impression while the glass windows may provide the airy and light atmosphere indoors. We simply adore how one of the modern country home designs here can be a great inspiration that wooden interior may look great even in modern minimalist style.

Delightful Sea View House with Green Grass near Back Patio also Glass Panel with Sloping Rooftop Design with Aluminum Chimney also Tropical Flowers

Eclectic Sea View House with Small Kitchen Island with Extended Panel also Wooden Floor Installation and Wood Bar Stools and Fireplace

Elegant Sea View House with Wood Dining Table and Wood Chairs and Hardwood Floor also Light Bulb and Wood Coat Hook on Wooden Wall

Enchanting Sea View House with Small Concrete Pathways to Small Front Porch with Wooden Shutter for Glass Panel and Sloping Ceiling Design

Imposing Sea View House with Aluminum Shutter for Glass Panel and Square Windows also Small Flowerbed and Chandelier Lamps with Hanging Panel

Inspiring Sea View House with Aluminum Chimney also Green Grass with Sloping Rooftop also Glass Panel Covered with Shutter also Outdoor Pergola

Lavish Sea View House with Sloping Design for Rooftop and Glass Panel Covered with Rattan Shutter and Small Green Lawn with Chimney Top

Magnificent Sea View House with Sloping Design for Rooftop and Grey Color also White Wall with Wood Veneer also Aluminum Chimney and Stainless Fence

Marvelous Sea View House with Rustic Fireplace and Wooden Wall Venneer also Hardwood Floor Installation and Widescreen Television

Stunning Sea View House with Glass Panel also Wooden Shutter and Sloping Ceiling and Concrete Pathways to Back Porch with Small Pavilion

Stylish Sea View House with Sloping Design of Wooden Ceiling also Hardwood Floor Installation also Wood Kitchen Island and Kitchen Sink also Glass Door

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