Modern Traditional Home Concept in Genius Design

House in Lemesos wants to show you modern traditional home style in beautiful appearance. The founder of Skinotechniki studio house, George Papadopulos, is the homeowner and also the designer of his own house. The exterior design of the house shows you the ‘out of the box’ creativity. When you see the exterior side, you can feel like you are standing in natural garden with beautiful building around the garden. Everything in this house is so amazing and that is why you should explore the house.

Black Floor Made from Concrete Blocks also Soft Brown Pergola

You will find outdoor timber stairs from the garden to the second floor of the house. Look down and you will find wooden plank deck around the outdoor garden. There is natural water pond and green plantation fulfills the garden. Right beside the mini garden, you will see modern swimming pool with wooden deck and outdoor breakfast table on the poolside. Before you step inside and see the modern traditional decor, you will find internal courtyard with traditional fan on the ceiling.

The designer sets this home in harmony including for the air circulation, lighting, and water management. The main living room looks so comfortable with L-shape modern sofa in calm orange color. There is long rough wool rug on the floor and low timber table. When you sit down on the couch and look up to the ceiling, then you will see that enhances the traditional atmosphere in this house.

Chairs also Dark Brown Colored Wooden Dining Table

The dining area is located at the covered porch with long timber planks ceiling table and stylish wooden chairs. You will love to see the stone wall design as the background of the dining area. It has minimalist modern bedroom with wide glass windows to see the view outside the room. You have to explore more rooms in this stunning house. This building is showing a modern traditional decorating style for the exterior to the interior side of the house.

Black Floor Made from Marble Floor also White Colored Concrete Pillar

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Stripes Cloth Chair

Dark Floor which is Made from Concrete Blocks also Bright Stone Wall

Floor also White Countertop Made from Marble Material

Light brown Soft Sofa also Cream Shag Carpet

Light Brown Soft Sofa also White Colored Shag Carpet

Light Brown Wooden Ceiling also Grey Rug Carpet

Light Brown Wooden Chairs which Have Black Metallic Feet

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Square Shaped Blue Pool

Light Brown Wooden Ladder which Has Silver Stainless Handrail

Light Grey Colored Wall Made from Concrete Blocks

Silver Metallic Material also Silver Metallic Handle

Soft Brown Floor Made from Wooden Veneer also Grey Colored Concrete Wall

Soft Brown Wooden Floor also Soft Brown Wooden Staircase

Stone Material also Dark Colored Floor Made from Marble Blocks

Wall Made from Brickstones also Bright Cream Lighitng from Inside the House

White Bed Linen White Pillows also Light Brown Wooden Floor

White Wooden Floor also Square Shaped Pool

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