Multi Level House Designs with Stunning and Warm Oak Accents

Camacho Macia Architects has amazingly formed lovely multi level house designs for this modern two level residence titled Monteprincipe House. Located n Madrid, this futuristic retreat has a vigorous asymmetric structure. Warm oak accents were also spread for both exterior and interior decoration. In specific, beautiful oak fences and panels were installed as the best companion for slate concrete cladding. The appearance for exterior apparently becomes absolutely vigorous yet warm. Some glass features were also added in term of increasing the modern sense.

Awesome Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Facede View at the Dark Showing Taupe Steel Lines Framed

About the interior, oak was appeared for the floor, ceiling and some walls. Based on well shaped and mature multi level house plans, translucent glass walls were also appeared and they melodiously blend with the oak accent. Moreover, those transparent walls also allow more natural lighting from the outside could enter into the house freely. As a result, the ambiance feels so bright, airy, and refreshing. We also could not forget about the presence of large glass sliding doors with charming oak frames. Those doors embrace the modern concept of glass walls and oak features.

Further ahead, minimalist furniture arrangement emerges as the inspiring decision since the spacious and free ambiance becomes more authentic because of that. In the dining area, vigorous wooden dining table was set as the best soul mate for those wooden chunky chairs. Glossy white cream marble floor in this room also gives a genuine sleek and luxurious appearance for sure, along with oak accent from wall and panel for sure. The kitchen is basically another stirring room which shows minimalist trendy decoration. White marble countertop was installed along with black and white modern cabinets and some glass windows, creating more modern aura.

Chic Hardwood Flooring of Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Showing Dining Table and Pebbles Exterior Area

To accumulate, this contemporary residence exposes how oak accents could be the main character and become a soul for each room. Both exterior and interior decoration was appeared with mature and precise concept with oak as the crucial element. Overall, based on its stirring decoration and through its well composed multi level home plans, this design example will be a helpful reference for any oak theme enthusiast.

Cool Screen Glass feat Beam Wall Decorated Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects that Showing Interior Furnitures Area

Fabulous Screen Glass Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Showing Decks and Wooden Storage Books Showed

Ginormous Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Rightside View Showing Glass Windows and Stones Wall feat Dark Fence Decorated

Glossy Floor of the Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Decor that Long Sink Dining Table Accompanied

Interesting Square Glass Door Design of Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Connecting Patio and Interior Area

Large Interior Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects with Wooden Dining Table Mocha Grey Chairs Accompanied

Nice Square Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Showing Cream Wall Tiles feat Wood Also that Car Basement Area

Warm Monteprincipe House Camacho Macia Architects Exterior View at the Daylight the Pebbles Under Glass Windows Framed

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