Nature Theme for Relaxing Place Design Idea

People get stressed in everyday life. Therefore, they would need method to get rid of their life pressure. Furthermore, people usually will go doing any activities that can relieve it. Or, as another solution, they can relax in a quiet and peaceful place. Check out this retreat place with nature theme applied to it. The building is in box shape, which has lots of large sized glass windows to better show outside exquisite scenery.

Cozy Balcony with Wooden Ceiling the Wooden Floor and the Wooden Fence in the Lennox Residence

The surrounding environment around the retreat place looks very pretty. Actually this building was created in middle of forest. Thus, trees are planted naturally everywhere. In this case, people should make use of this beautiful nature theme and apply it home and interior design. In order to avoid any disasters that may happen to the place, then basic floor here is supported with small pillars in white finish yet strong enough to get house on top of them.

Fences are added in combination of metal materials and wooden handrails. Front door is chosen from thick glass material which is framed with furnished woods. If people want to go inside the house, they need to walk down bridge path. It is built in design of wooden deck. Therefore, reclaimed wood is chosen and people can feel that they are walking among plants and bushes under them. The original color of wood looks very suitable with greenery around though.

Long Lennox Residence with Clear Glass Windows and Cozy Balcony on each side of the Building

What can be inside this soothing effect from retreat place? Light gray wood is installed as flooring part. Ceiling is also chosen from white color and embedded with lots of star lamps on it. Partition is needed though in this wide open floor plan, which can be chosen from red colored walls. Last but not least, applying beautiful nature theme is also obtained by using lighting arrangement so that it looks gleaming at night.

Bright Interior Light in the Lennox Residence View from the Green Grass Field and Lust Trees

Natural Green Environment View from the Wooden Balcony with the Wooden Ceiling in the Lennox Residence

Simple Wooden Bridge to the Lennox Residence with the White Handle near the Green Lust Trees

Wide Room with Wooden Floor in Lennox Residence View from the Outside through Wide Glass Windows

Perfect Section Design Plan of the Lennox Residence with Comfortable Terrace in the Green Area with Lust Trees

Interesting Plan for the Lennox Residence with some Rooms between Green Trees and the Green Grasses

Innovative Area in Lennox Residence with Wooden Bridge between Lust Green Trees to the Main Building

Beautiful Lust Trees View from the Simple Area in Lennox Residence with Wooden Ceiling and Hardwood

Attractive Lennox Residence Design Plan with the Terrace the Long Tables and Some Rooms in it

Amazing Lennox Residence Exterior between the Lust Trees with the Wide Glass Panels as the Wall

Awesome Red Wall in the Wide Room in Lennox Residence with Wooden Floor and White Ceiling

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