Neoteric Trapezoid House with Casual Wooden Exterior in Finland

Unique house with unconventional shape like this trapezoid house is rare to be found. Tuomas Siitonen Office designs this house in 2013 at Helsinki, Finland. It’s situated in a warm environment with lot of green trees. A lake near the house will be good additional recreation value for this house. It has a large yard with the green grass. It makes no wonder that this house wrapped with wooden exterior style.

Chic House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Building Covered by Wod Planks Enhanced with Transparency

These trapezoid house plans are conducting the trapezoid shape. It’s a three floors house with a large area inside there. The large terrace on the second floor is facing out the scenery around the house. It will bring a fresh situation with the best quality of the relaxing moment. The large glass windows are built in a creative detail. It has a strong frame with a sharp edge to bring the house texture. The sloped roof with a strong design is built on there. It brings a good accent to give an iconic shape on this house. There is also a glass railing fence on the terrace. It brings a transparent layer on the house that will make this house stunning on its appearance.

The interior design of this house is amazingly covered with the solid wall. It has a nice white colour theme. This is just a contrast with the exterior design. It has an elegant nuance with a beautiful design and minimalist concept. The first floor is for the living space. It has nice furniture with ergonomic settings. The second floor is for the private space, you will get a beautiful interior design using the contemporary setting. You can enjoy the scenery from a beautiful window near the main room.

Beautiful Greenery Growing on Green Manicured Lawn Leading into House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office

Feel the warm situation in such an autumn sensation. This house brings a comfort space with a brown accent. It gains some nature nuance on there. This is perfect for your home living experience. Enjoy the photography of this trapezoid shaped house and don’t forget to leave your comment.

Airy House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Double Height Interior Displaying Dark Dining Table and Chairs Set

Awesome House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Building Displaying Open Bike Parking Lot Terrace and Balcony

Bright White Painted House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Bedroom Featured with Frameless WIndow on Wall

Cool Three Floor House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Facade View Seen from Front Yard Landscape with Lawn

Fresh White and Black House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Interior Optimized for Dining Room and Library

Gorgeous Three Story House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Building Made of Wood and Glass as Ventilation

Natural Wood Plank Covering the House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Wall Combined with Glass Balustrade

Open Plan House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Bedroom Involving Colorful Bed Dresser Area Rug and Transparency

Refreshing House MM Tuomas Siitonen Office Deck with Glass Balustrade Surrounding the Deck with Table

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