Office Building Concept of Shipping Container Home Design

When looking up at the Sugoroku office building concept, we will find excellent nuance. Yeah, the building design is made of the shipping containers. The architect, Daiken-met Architects envisioned this office with the excellent designs both for the exterior and interior design. This is a building that is located in Gifu, Japan. How it does exactly designed?

Also in Shipping Container Studio that with Library Layout

Here are the following pictures in relation to the container design. The office is a three-story building design that features glass facades. The office building concept is designed in the colorful shades and they are stylized in red, maroon, and also white constructions. The exterior design of this house looks so great in the volume building. The lighting systems that are applied in this office can be seen from the thoroughly glass facades. It will be seen in the best construction. There are also outdoor staircases that are designed based on white concrete grips.

We have some other designs in this article. We are talking about the interior decoration. There is a meeting room in spacious room idea. The furniture applied is the wooden table with colorful small bench as red, cream, yellow, and also brown. On the wall side, we will see the wooden shelves on the wall to place the books. In that office, they also provide the kitchen included the white counter with steel sink and faucet and also the wooden shelves. The dining area in front of the kitchen is applied in white table and white porcelain chairs.

Chairs and Table Also in the Shipping Container Studio Decor

We have some ideas that can be obtained in this article. The design can be seen as the inspiration. We have the office in the white interior design and also decorated in great exterior design. The office building concept that is here can be seen as the great inspiration to get excellent office design.

Container Studio which Before Stand Up and Serve the Appliances

Shipping Container Studio Showing Interior Area

Red and White Themed that Used Triplex Decor

Studio at the Daylight Showing Moderns and Inspiring Our Decor

View at the Afternoon Showing Glass Windows which Add Stylish the Decor

White Stair Well that Orange Fence Completed Triplexs

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