Office Desk Cabinetswith Goggle Style Design

Lately, Danny Venlet creates office desk cabinets with unique design for us. Do you know what goggle is? Yes, goggle is equipment for water sport activities that we wear to protect our eyes. Now, he creates an office desk by following the construction and shape of those goggles. Take a look at the first picture. Two Goggle Desks stand on the wooden floor side by side. See the first desk in the front line, its surface is connected with the body and legs. It is oval with white surface and perforated body. It is simple but modern, and great for an office with limited area.

Fururistics that Wooden Floor Add Perfect in the Interior

The next picture shows you a same design of the table, but done in different coloration. If the previous one is presented in white tone, this one has sleek black appearance. As you can see in the picture, those black desks are great to be combined with the clean white office room. Do not forget to build some windows to support your comfort. To see another combination given by the desk, you can see the third picture. The white Goggle Desk here has no more holes on its body. The holes had been covered by some wooden blocks. Those wooden blocks are accompanied by the presence of wooden floor under the desks. Now they are looked perfect. Let’s move to another picture to examine the office desk cabinets more.

See in the next picture, the desk has been covered by some other materials, not woods anymore in the holes. As you can see, curved surface of the holes cover been applied there. If you want them, you can choose the colors as you want. Soft brown or dark brown could match your white desks easily. For more elegant looks, take a look another picture after that one. This presents you a perfect combination between a sleek black desk and its sleek cover to hide the holes. Combine the sleek black table with wooden floor, white chair, and white walls, and now you have a nice room to work.

Neetbook and Books on the Table that White Wall Make Bright the Room

In the last picture, you can see the white goggle desk clearer. It been put in a white room, and easily blends with the circumstances around. White chair is perfect to be put beside the desk. And since the desk has a spacious surface, you could keep your stuff safely in a quite wide area. But still you need to be careful, because this desk has no edges. Due to its simple design, you can have it also as your contemporary office desk cabinets for a contemporary look.

Black and White Decor that Used Modern Layout of Furniture

Circle Pattern which Add Nice thes that Inspiring Our Decor

Desks feat Nice Chair which Giving Nice the Interiors

Desks in Bright that Nice Chair Make Perfect the Decorations

Desks in Yellow and Black Color that Silver Cream Chair Combined the Decor

Deskss in Modern Decor that the Furniture Add Classy the Room

Goggle Office Desks with Black and White Decor that Books Feat Lamp Decor

Shape Glossy Looks which Giving Nice the Interiors

White Wall Themed that Wooden Floor Make Perfect the Combinations

White and Black Table that Circle Pattern Can Inspiring Our Interior

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