Open House Plans Called Leeuwarden Steel Steady House II

In Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, there ishome design with open house plans that is redesigned by architects Archipelontwepers. The architect has renowned the house with amazing steel construction. We usually call the house as Steel Steady House II. This article will review this house as inspiration in designing or renovating the modern house with sophisticated styles. They are including the building structure, exterior design, and also interior decorations.

Back Entrance Showing River and Glass Windows which Completed the mDecor

Look at the pictures right here! The open house plans that will be reviewed at first are about the structure. As seen in the picture, this house is structured in opened steel construction for the frames and also building structures. The house is a two-story house steel for the floor, wall, and ceiling. The building lead to the opened area and this is built on staging house. There is wooden bridge to connect the balcony with the main building. At the back side, the wall exterior is designed more tightly. When looking at the interior decoration, it features fascinating looks including grey rug and wall panels and also some of wooden ceiling.

The design of interior decoration can be seen here. The first is living room area that is situated in minimalist way with black leather sofa with white pillows. The table is a simple wooden table decorated with brown porcelain chair and also black chaise lounge set. The next deals with the two story house in glass combination structure that show the house is located in urban area. The stunning staircases to the next floor are also in the balcony. That is how the staircase connects the main building with other. It is as same as the bridge with wooden steps and glass down rails.

Back Entrance Showing White Themed and Interior Exterior Area

When looking at the further design and decoration of this room area, we can find it as inspirations. The styles that are included in this article can be seen in the further pictures. We have the amazing house with stainless steel construction as main structure. The open house plans in this steel structure will be the greatest idea by the inspiration.

Back Entrance that Gray Fur Rug feat Leather Sofas Decor

Glass that Giving Stylish the Steel Back Entrances

House Back Entrance at the Daylight that Glass Windows Showing Interiors

House Back Entrance on Terrace Garden Area that Planters Make Fresh Atmosphere in there

Steel Back Entrance Showing Planters and Wooden Deck Decor

Steel Back Entrance that Connected the Duplexs

House Back Entrance at the Daylight that Showing Sea and Planters which Giving Fresh Atmosphere

White Rooftop Make Robust the Steel Back Entrances

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