Open Kitchen Floor Plans for Spacious Look

There are people who like to cook, and thus kitchen is one of areas that mean everything to them. For the activity of preparing meals and cooking itself, kitchen should be comfortable. These open kitchen floor plans are for people who really need flexible movement and can keep foods safe. It comprises of pantry area, kitchen wares, cabinets, drawers, and also additional tables so people can directly serve the meals after cooking.

Spacious Open Kitchen Floor Plans Granite Tile Floor Beams Ceiling

Related to this situation, let’s see this one example of open kitchen floor plans ideas. Designed in brown theme, walls and floor are in brown color as well. Flooring part is chosen from wooden materials in light finish and furnished also refined woods. The surrounding environment is actually also made the same. It means to use light wooden materials for cabinets and drawers with black knobs and pulls also. For sink area, silver stainless steel is chosen for the countertop.

Kitchen design explained before is for one side of it. And there is another space for cooking as well, right in front of it. This area is actually for keeping dining wares. Wooden cabinets in light finish are still used, along with grey stone for countertop. The cabinets installed are in floating style and also have glass doors so people can look at it. Either way, it is one of method to decorate it in stylish way. Next to this area, there is additional table and one chair placed in front of it.

Cherry Kitchen Island Wide Minimalist Open Kitchen Floor Plans

In another kitchen model, instead of light woods, dark woods are chosen to create better combination with the grey walls and flooring parts. Lighting chosen in this kitchen is star lamps. The brilliant open kitchen floor plans ideas can be seen in form of quite large wooden table for serving meals. The top part of table is chosen from grey marble stone.

Contemporary Minimalist Open Kitchen Floor Plans Wooden Floor

Elegant Round Dining Table Open Kitchen Floor Plans Wooden Floor with Traditional Classic Furniture and Interior Design Ideas

Incredible Open Kitchen Floor Plans with Wooden Furniture Combined with Wooden Dining Furniture Decoration in Traditional Interior

lovely decorated living room and Open Kitchen Floor Plans with Traditional Small Sofa Furniture in Wooden Flooring

Luxury Open Floor Plan Kitchen With Heated Floors

Modern Minimalist Open Kitchen Floor Plans Ceramic Tile Floor

Perfect Open Kitchen Floor Plans with Wooden Flooring Ideas Combined with Small Living Space Interior Inspiration

Round Dining Table Open Kitchen Floor Plans Wooden Floor

Sensational Open Kitchen Floor Plans with Wooden Flooring Decoration Combined with Minimalist Round Dining Table Inspiration

Small House Interior Compact Furniture Open Kitchen Floor Plans

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