Open View House Ottawa River with Interior Volumes

This article presents the open view house that can be stylized as better home inspirations. Now, we can find out the astonishing house style that is situated with interior volume design. In this case, the house we start to review is the Ottawa River house project. It was a modern house designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.

Fabulous Design Simmonds Odai Residence of Some Outdoor Construction Applying Nice Bricks Installed with a Place for Plants near Alluring Green Grasy Field

Get more pictures that can be applied are right here. The first style is about the exterior and outdoor appearance of the open view house plans ideas. Here is the house in three levels with volume building styles. The facades are situated with glass facades designs combined with concrete material structure. The wall exterior appearance is situated with neutral brick wall design with lighted lamps on the wall. This house is also stylized with the green natural lawn area and also the green lush vegetation. They are well matched applied in the environment area.

The next pictures will be offered right here. There is the interior design that is structured with the white interior appearance in concrete material and painted in white. The interior is situated in fabulous shades. The living room in this house is stylized with brown sectional sofas with black TV set on black cabinet. To get the next level, we can see the zigzag staircases designs that are situated with white stairs. The ceiling design that is applied in this house is conceptualized with stunning rich ceiling. The other style can be seen from the kitchen. It is stylized with white furniture application and cabinets that are lighted with small black chandeliers.

Appealing Open Room in the Simmonds Odai Residence Applying White Interior with Dark Wooden Floor Tiles as the Flooring

The other rooms that are applied in this article will be encouraged in astonishing room decorations. They include the modern furniture application and dazzling decoration. Now, please look at further open concept view house plans in this article.

Alluring Wooden Ceiling with Glossy Surface Meeting Other Components of a Room in the Simmonds Odai Residence

Architectural Architecture Plans of a Modern Residence Applying Alluring Building Design with some Different Rooms Arranged Well

Awesome Room Design Found in the Simmonds Odai Residence with a Sophisticated Staircase with Some Glass room Nearby

Awesome Staircase in an area of a Room in the Simmonds Odai Residence with White Interior Including the Flor and with Wooden Ceiling

Captivating Interior of Rooms in the Simmonds Odai Residence Bordered with Glass Paneling Framed with Stainless Steel

Comfy Fireplace Warming You as You are Bathing in the Fabulus White Bathtub Simmonds Odai Residence

Contemporary Fireplace with Magical Design in a Sensational Bathroom in the Simmonds Odai Residence with White Interior Combined with Smoothly Rough Wall Veneer

Dazzling Modern Kitchen in the Simmonds Odai Residence Applying White Interior with Black Accents with Awesome Kitchen Sets

Good Porch of the Simmonds Odai Residence with Concrete Floor and an Exquisite Wooden Ceiling with a Fabulous Set of Glass Door

Lovely Interior Simmonds Odai Residence of the Open Room Applying White Painting with Glossy Wooden Floor

Modern Architecture Plans Showing Some Different Rooms of the Second Floor with Some Different Rooms Sets Arranged Well

Top Class Architecture Plans Design of a Modern Residence with Stair Themed Building Construction as the Building Design

Sophisticated Staircase in the Simmonds Odai Residence with Magnificent Design Applying Metal and Wooden And Glass Materials

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