Outstanding Concrete House Design with Natural Building Orientation

Nestled around the natural circumstances, the application of concrete house design successfully brings the comfortable place in strong and safe building. Natural building orientation surely surrounds this residence. The concrete material is used to bring the synchronizing design with the ground as the element of nature. There is a long glass facade of the building that showcases the connection between the house and the surrounding natural circumstances. Glass alley becomes the elegant connector towards this twin concrete house design. Minimalist interior design in bright and cosy situation comes from the proper colour tone of the white and pale colour tone to give a pleasant living.

Exciting View from Side the Comporta Residence Rrj Arquitectos with Old Tree Beside the Concrete Wall with Flat Roof

From the outside, this modern concrete house showcases its existence in gutsy and elegant construction. Rectangular concept to build the residence brings the natural orientation from the design. Original form of the concrete material that becomes the construction successfully exposes the blending concept with the ground. Rectangular building results the empty space at the front and back that becomes the perfect spot to create the glass wall design. This facade reveals the natural connection between the house and the circumstances that lets the nature to fulfil the residence interior area. At the front, the spacious terrain becomes the perfect place for enjoying the nature. Simple wooden floor accompanies the refreshing swimming pool to feel the outdoor activity.

Move into the interior, minimalist design applies the bright and warm colour tone in white and pale palette. Grey sofa at the living room perfectly blends with the wooden floor and glass wall to give the warm and cosy situation for enjoying the relaxation tie. The existence of classic pendant fireplace adds the convenient room of this house. Comfortable cooking time in the kitchen with the nature accompanies really brings the new cooking experience with the minimalist kitchen design. There is a comfortable bedroom at the back that brings the enjoyable place for sleeping. Surrounding white wall and wooden floor brings the warm and comfortable nuance of the sleeping on the white bed. Glass facade continues the refreshing backyard to accompany the sleeping.

Awesome View from Distance of Comporta Residence Rrj Arquitectos Applied Concrete Wall and Space Area Between Them

Natural concrete home design becomes the perfect style for this concrete residence. Natural orientation that comes from the surrounding circumstances evokes the innovative concrete residence design. Minimalist building construction employs the perfect concept to showcase the relationship between the house and the nature. Original concrete form and also large transparent facade really utilizes the nature as the inspiration. Minimalist interior decoration completes this residence to be a comfortable place for living. Spacious area with surrounding warm and cosy situation definitely exposes the pleasant living with the nature accompanies. This concrete house evokes the modern home design that brings the natural orientation for giving the splendid living experience.

Beautiful Tree with Leafy Top at Outside Comporta Residence Rrj Arquitectos Shown the House that Applied Flat Roof

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