Outstanding Glass House Design for Coastal Area

The idea by using the glass house design is the perfect style for enjoying the coastal scenery. Tempered glass is used for the facade to give you the infinity landscape that is presented by the nature. Minimalist design will not reduce the impressive design when it is combined with the compact interior arrangement. Refreshing and warm nuance of coastal area surely fulfills your living area when it is continued by the open wall from the glass.

Black Colored Floor which is Made from Wooden Material also Framed of Chairs

This glazed home design idea is constructed with concrete blocks to strengthen the building. One spacious area of this building is surrounded by the glass. Glazed facade presents the wonderful scenery. Outdoor ceiling is also designed in the same time for getting the sunshine for the exterior. For covering this residence, gapping stones arrangement is placed around it. Simple terrace is placed at the front with dark nuance of wooden flooring and lounge chairs. Grey ceiling is designed for avoiding the indirect sunshine for the interior.

Living room is decorated with comfortable modern white sofa and classic carpet. Glossy marble floor successfully reflects the natural lighting. Elegant dining area combines the glazed table with modern black sofas for enhancing your culinary activity that is accompanied by wonderful scenery. Bathroom is simply designed with white bathtub and toilet. Wooden flooring reveals the refreshing nuance around the bathroom with simple plants beside it.

Black Floor which is Made from Wooden Veneer also Several Framed Chairs

Naturalist nuance is fully applied by this building. Glazed wall around this home will not close the infinity outdoor scenery that can be enjoyed from every side of the residence. Minimalist decoration gives the cozy and comfortable living area and also gives you the easier access to the other room. Blending idea with the nature is applied by using some plants around this home. Glossy floor from marble reflects the cozy and warm nuance. The idea of minimalist home with glass wall surely gives you the unforgettable living experience with the surroundings natural scenery of the coastal area.

Black Floor which is Made from Wooden Veneer also Several Tall Glass Windows

Concrete Blocks also Bright White Lighting from Inside House

Floor also Several Black Colored Chairs which Hace Wooden Frame

Floor Made from Wooden Blocks also White Ceiling Made from Concrete

Floor Made from Wooden Veneer also Several Square Shaped Glass Windows

Grey Beams as Gate Fences also Horizontal SHaped of Rooftop Made from Concrete

Grey Concrete Beams Fences also Beautiful View of Dark Colored OCean

Grey Concrete Floor also Square Shaped Table Surface Made from Glass Panel

Grey Floor Filled near Sands also White Pergola Made from Concrete

Grey Marble Floor also Several White Colored Soft Chairs which Has Silver Stainless Feet

Light Grey Colored Concrete Wall also Plain Garden Filled near Grey Sands also Little Grass

Seveal White Colored Beams Pergole Made from Concrete also Grey Surface Filled near Sands

Shiny Floor Made from Marble Material also Beautiful Rug Carpet on the Floor

Tall Windows Made from Glass Panels also White Outyard Pergola Made form Concrete Beams

Transparent Glass Windows also White Colored Ceiling which is Made from Concrete

White Colored Soft Chairs also Grey Floor which is Made from Marble Blocks

Wooden Blocks also Single Little Tree on hte Corner of the Room

Wooden Floor also Square Shaped Wall Made from Glass Panels

Wooden Floor also White Ceiling Made from Concrete

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