Painting Basement Floor for the Least Expensive Solution

Compared with some other ways, painting basement floor is the least expensive way. This will be the perfect solution for you who have minim budget to make this room look more attractive. Although it is afforded with minim cost, the result is surprising enough. Combined with the coloring of some other elements, such as wall, furniture and accessories, the interior will be unquestionably stunning.

Astonishing Bodern Brown Arm Chairs Painting Basement Floor Equipped with Marble Material and Comfortable Chairs

Indeed, before thinking of some painting basement floor ideas, you may think of adding vinyl, carpet, tile or certain layer. Yes, they will need extra money to afford. To expose simplicity, painting is the best option. Imagine having an industrial basement with exposed beams and pipes on ceiling, wooden wall and green painted flooring. Then, the furniture is made of wood and some accent green color. It will be eye-catching with complicated warm and fresh sense.

There are some steps to consider before finding that interesting painting. You should make sure that the floor is clean. You need to brush and wash it first, before etching the concrete floor and start to paint. You should also pay attention to the paint character for not all paints are good for concrete. The color is also important that you need to wisely combine with the wall and ceiling color and also furniture color. The combination will determine the result, whether it is priding or abashing. Then, the painting is not stopped there. It should be layered with certain sealer. It will help the paint endure longer.

Amazing Flooring Unit Applied in Pool House Designs Finished with Wooden Material of Furniture Design Plan Idea

Based on the comparison of some ways to treat basement concrete floor, painting is one of the most affordable for it needs small cost. The action is also not as difficult as when you should work with tiles or vinyl. You need to count mindfully the size of the room to find the best measurement to install tiles or vinyl. In other hand, to paint, you will need only to do some previously mentioned steps. Those painting concrete basement floor ideas tips will help you to have the best basement floor.

Awesome Painting Basement Floor Spacious Room Design Equipped with Green Tile Flooring Unit for Luxurious House

Extraordinary Painting Basement Floor Gray Color Design Ideas Finished in Modern Design Finished in Spacious Design Idea

Gorgeous Painting Basement Floor Black Round Stair Design in Luxurious Design with White Wall Painting Design Plan

Magnificent Brown Granite Accents Painting Basement Floor Finished with Marble Flooring with Home Bar

Marvelous White Wooden Stair Painting Basement Floor Design Finished in Simple Design with Simple Lighting Unit

Painting Basement Floor Split Colors Ideas Combined with Best Pool House Designs Idea and Small Fireplace Design Idea

Painting Basement Floor With Color Mix Finished with Best Color Made from Wooden Material for Idea

Spacious Space Design Finished in White Color Equipped with Luxurious Tile Flooring Unit with White Ceiling Unit

Stunning Wooden Style Staircase Painting Basement Floor Design Equipped with Wooden Material of Staircase with Wooden Flooring Unit

Wooden Material Usage Applied in Flooring Unit of Pool House Designs Finished in Great Idea of Brown Color

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