Patterned Bed Sheets for Beautiful Contemporary Apartment

In Warsaw, Poland, two designers named Pawel Sokol and Hanka Bajer had finally succeed in creating a fascinating contemporary apartment which applies patterned bed sheets. It was built within an opened concept which makes the apartment looks marvelous and comfortable. Let’s start our exploration from the leading picture here. It presents you a simple living room in soft brown domination. Dark grey sofa with matching cushions stands on the white oak floor with a simple coffee table and two chairs accompany its presence. To help the brighter looks, a spacious sliding door from glass and white walls are been created around.

Apartment that Flower and White Table feat Flower that Led Tv Decor

Behind the living room, you can have a simple dining room with contemporary style, just like what you can see in the second picture. Still been created in an opened concept, this area is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass windows to help you enjoying the scenery outside. A medium dining table and several dining chairs with arms are available. The next picture lets you walk closer back to the living room from a different point of view. From here we can see a TV hangs on the wall across the grey sofa, and a simple kitchen in another side of the room. Let’s move to see the contemporary apartment design with patterned bed sheets even better.

Now here we are in the modern kitchen that been noticed before. A long kitchen table with sleek black surface is available to ease the cooking session. Lots of white kitchen cabinets been built around the area, also the oven and microwave is not forgotten. Two rounded lamps with artistic lighting shades hang on the ceiling, right above the kitchen table and make the kitchen looks dazzling. After the kitchen, you can walk through the hallway that is shown in the fifth picture. Wooden floor of the hallway is been shot with some built-in lamps on the wall. All of the walls surround the area are been decorated by some pretty frames with painting.

Area with Steel Pillows Facign Led Tv that White Sink Completed the Bathroom Area

That beautiful hallway will take you here, to the limited but contemporary bedroom. The bed is double sized with patterned bed sheet. Right across the bed, a TV hangs on the wall. A transparent area of the bathroom is able to be seen from here. Also the most powerful decoration here is the built-in lamps along the gap on the clean white ceiling above the bedroom. Why don’t you try the contemporary apartment interior design with patterned bed sheets for the bedroom interior for you?

Wooden Table feat Cream Chairs and Bold Curtain Accompany the Glass Windows

Wooden Floor that Photos Under Lamps Decor that Giving Bright the Area

White Sink Under the Mirror at the Park Apartment Decor

Park Apartment Decked Garden that Wooden Table feat Flower Giving Fresh the Room

Area with White Closet that Pendant Lamp Make Nice the Interiors

Countertop in Park Apartment Decked Garden that Pendant Lamp Add Perfect the Decor

Duvet Also that Led Tv Make Stylish the Park Apartment

Garden with Flower Planters and Trees which Surrounding the Building Decor

Decked Garden with White Pillows Facing Glass Table that Planters and Trees Add Fresh the Area

Above Wastub in Park Apartment that Lamp Giving Bright the Area

Above Bathtub in Park Apartment that Used Marble and Cream Wall Themed

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