Prefab House Ideas Compatible for High Mobility Habitant

Edgley Design has developed the prefab house ideas on an artist’s studio. It is situated in London which is created in simple and almost every side looks minimalist. They named this project with Amhurst House. Although it is only a simple place to live, it looks so comfortable with the all in white interior and is mixed with dark grey truss. The large asbestos roofing is matching with the white wall color.

Big White Lampiaon Above the Island at Amhurst House Edgley Design kitchen with Wooden Top and Wood Cabinet

To make it looks stylish the timber material is used as well. It is placed on the wall panel which is continued with cabinet. The room and furniture arrangements are very nice and make the room well organized. The unique hidden kitchen is located behind the timber wall panel. The rounded white table which is seized with colorful chairs is very simple. It makes the kitchen compact and save more areas. The prefab house design ideas are created with two buildings which are separated.

The previous construction has the light grey exterior color, and then the second is black color for the exterior. It is minimalist and similar with the first space. The difference is, it uses the modern appliances on the kitchen. The rounded dining table is same and it is made of white marble. The white plastered floor is matching with the wall color. This space is used to be family room plus dining area as well. The maroon leather loveseat is arranged with furry carpet under it.

Brilliang Open Space Dining Room Design in Amhurst House Edgley Design with Round Marble Dining Table and Colorful Chairs

This building is equipped with terrace which is divided with sliding glass door. The white pier papasan chairs are placed on the wooden deck. The rustic patio chairs can make this outdoor space complete and they looks cozy. Freshness is an important thing, so this house is utilizing the small dimension with mini planting which is placed on behind the papasan chairs. The separated prefab house plans modern are creative and attractive.

Astonishing Wood Staircase Design in Amhurst House Edgley Design with White Metal Stairs Rod and White Oak Wall

Awesome Amhurst House Edgley Design Exterior with Wood Fence and Exposed Stone Wall Decorated with Rustic Wood Chairs

Fancy Outdoor Chairs at Amhurst House Edgley Design Terrace with Wooden Outdoor Floor with High Wood Fence

Fancy Round Table and Colorful Chairs in Amhurst House Edgley Design Kitchen with Oak Cabinet and Applied Open Storage

Minimalist Furniture Inside Amhurst House Edgley Design with Red Sofa and Cow Capet also Round White Dining Table

Stunning Backyard Landscape with Wood Fence at Amhurst House Edgley Design with Green Grass also Leafy Trees

Traditional Amhurst House Edgley Design Exterior with Rustic Brick Fence also Applied Classic House Architecture

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