Private House Design with Crisp White Theme and Timber Floor

Viraje Arquitectura has elegantly shaped a luxurious private house design for this modern two level residence named House v02. With crisp white theme for both exterior and interior decoration, this lavish modern retreat stands vigorously in Spain. White apparently produces an authentic futuristic aura. Rectangular cube with flat roof top was structured for the exterior. And not to forget about some modern double glazed windows, this house obviously emerges as one of the best futuristic architectural prototypes.

Beauty Square of House V Viraje Arquitectura Design with White Wall Framed and Steel Railing Garden Accompanied

Entering the house deeper, we could find that crisp white theme becomes more dominant here. Through well composed futuristic private home design, white was used as the main hue for almost all parts including wall, ceiling and pillars. The warm dark timber floor becomes a distinctive vibe here, which also produces a genuine homey and warm accent for the white. Moreover, integrated living space was also formed along with modern furniture arrangement. In this living room, cream L shaped sofa and a stunning pink chair were developed. One translucent glass coffee table in rectangular structure also emerges as the part of it and escalates the beauty of white theme.

In addition, just near the living space, a dining room was installed with dark wooden dining table, minimalist chunky chairs and vigorous modern grey cabinets. One lavish wall mirror with artistic silver frames apparently becomes a beautiful accessory for this dining and embraces the intimate white theme with its seductive aura. Then, one dark wooden staircase with metal handrail was formed, and it will guide to the upper level. In this level there is an elegant library room and bedroom. An abundance of modern glass fences appear as the best soul mate for the timber floor and make this level emerges more luxurious.

Chic Furnitures of Kitchen Room House V Viraje Arquitectura Such as Dining Table and Stand Lamp on the Drawer Area

To accumulate, this dwelling successfully exposes the best side of crisp white theme as the happening theme nowadays. It blends dramatically with dark timber floor and other modern design features. Hence, the whole arrangement and concept for this contemporary retreat could be cited as a one of the most affecting private home interior design illustrations which will provide new inspiration specially for every white theme admirer.

Awesome Upper Floor of House V Viraje Arquitectura Displaying Planter Ceiling Lamp Beside Library and Living Room Also

Bright House V Viraje Arquitectura View with White Walll Framed and the Trees Surrounding the Building Area

Clean Hardwood Flooring of House V Viraje Arquitectura with Plant Screen Glass Accompanied and Library Books Showed

Concerting Sofa Facing Glass Table in Living Room and Red Chair Under the Windows of House V Viraje Arquitectura

Distinct Square of House V Viraje Arquitectura View at the Daylight Showing Steel Fence Accompany the Garden

Enchanting Door Design and Dark Handrail Staircase of House V Viraje Arquitectura Decorated the Planter Standing Alone

Exquisite Living and Dining Room of House V Viraje Arquitectura with Glossy Dresser Beside Silver Arch Lamp

Graceful House V Viraje Arquitectura Facade View Showing Dark Fence and Steel Door White Line Add Nice the Decor

Gravy Drum Lamp Steel Colored House V Viraje Arquitectura Interior Decorated that Sky Lights Gave Bright the Ceiling

Interesting Table Cloth feat Bowl and White Chairs Escort in House V Viraje Arquitectura Interior Design

Long Corridor of House V Viraje Arquitectura with Paintings Wall Lamps Aboved and Facing Glass Windows and Planter Showed

Minimalist House V Viraje Arquitectura Facade View Showing White Wall and Glass Decorated that Trees Surrounding the Area

Neat Dining Table View with Cream Chairs and Under Ceiling Lamps at House V Viraje Arquitectura

Nice Painting on Kitchen Room of House V Viraje Arquitectura with Wooden Dining Table and Stand Lamp in Yellow Colored

Stylish Sliding Door of House V Viraje Arquitectura Kitchen Room Area with Steel Chair Facing Ceiling Table and Chimney Also

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