Private Residence Implementing Geometrical House Shape

This Birds Nest Residence located in Scottsdale, Arizona represents the private residence emphasizing on luxury. Kendle Design Collaborative has created this residence with the unique and deluxe exterior. Geometrical shape is applied as the house shape giving the extraordinary home design concept. This makes this house becoming an ultramodern house with sophisticated style and look. The exterior is bright alluring with the lavish furniture and elements. Large pool is the best feature of these house exterior features. Desert plants grow around the contemporary pool build in the back side of the house.

Cozy Birds Nest Residence Rear Design Completed with Courtyard and Swimming Pool for Relaxation Spot with Family

This contemporary private residence has the open space living room. The back terrace is spacious with a set of casual outdoor dining area and living room. The exterior design applies desert theme. Concrete pathway has white pebbles in every side. Cactus and the other desert plants are planted along the pathway. The entry way is in bright look with glass door and white exterior wall. This residence consists of two floors where glass materials are the main building structure.

The house interior is as luxurious as the exterior design. The interior flooring is made of white marble. The staircase is in floating stairs model. White is still the color chosen for this staircase color. Classic large chandelier is hung over this spacious interior. The kitchen is furnished with lavish stools in dark wood with white leather cushion. Contemporary sconces are installed in a row over the kitchen counter. The other kitchen furniture is white kitchen cabinet in luxurious style.

Captivating Birds Nest Residence Exterior Design with Beautiful Garden Completed with Gravels and Decorative Trees with Accent Floor Lamps Employed

Dining area is furnished with black dining furniture. Large dining table from wooden has a set of chairs in classic reinterpreted style. The unique feature is this dining room has glass box as wine storage. Modern lightings are set in pendant style over this dining furniture. Private residence concept is perfect with this luxurious style for those who prefer the prominent look and the glamorous accent of a living space.

Comfy Birds Nest Residence Outdoor Patio Design Completed with Sofas and Coffee Table in Beach Style Design with Blue Patterned Pillows

Elegant Birds Nest Residence Living Room with Sectional Sofa and Accent Red Stylish Armchairs Standing on Black Rug

Excellent Exterior Design of Birds Nest Residence with Stunning Alley Featured with Concrete Steps Surrounded with Gravels with Greens

Exclusive Birds Nest Residence Kitchen with Island Completed with Stools with Back Connected to Dining Space at Corner with Nook Window

Extravagant Style Home Interior Design with Three Luxury Chandeliers to Complete Birds Nest Residence in Style

Gorgeous Birds Nest Residence Indoor Staircase Area with Marble Flooring and Decorative Luxury Chandelier Installed Nearby

Fascinating Rear Home Design of Birds Nest Residence with Outdoor Swimming Pool Completed with Landscape and Lounge Area Surrounding

Interesting Birds Nest Residence Living Room Decor in Simple Touch by Combining Furniture and Accessories with Their Colors

Stylish Indoor Staircase Design in Open Style with Glass Railing and Stainless Steel Handrail Decorated with Frameless Artworks and Chandelier

Plush Birds Nest Residence Kitchen Interior Designn in Bold White Touches for Furnishing and Backsplash Completed with Chrome Pendant Lamps

Wonderful Lighting System of Birds Nest Residence Interior Design with Ambient and Star Lights on Ceiling

Alluring Birds Nest Residence Bathroom Interior Design with Stylish White Tub Defined by Decorative Chandelier Installed above

Amazing Birds Nest Residence Architecture Design with Floating Concept Completed with Glass Accents for Fencing and Windows

Appealing Birds Nest Residence Entrance Design with Striped Stone Fencing and Electric Gate with Decorative Gravels Employed

Awesome Birds Nest Residence Living Room Connected to Dining and Kitchen inside and Extra Sitting and Pool outside

Beautiful Courtyard Design to Decorate Birds Nest Residence Exterior Design Especially the Entrance Zone with Concrete Step

Bright Birds Nest Residence Dining Space with Accent Ceiling Lamps and Displayed Wines in Style Supporting Interior Decor

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