Rural House Plans with Restoration Style

If you are looking for a Rural House Plans that is designed in restoration style, Roprachtice House is the perfect example for home solution. Designed by PRODESI, wooden material is applied as main material for the house restoration. In addition, since the house is located in rural area, the green lawn perfectly surrounds the main building of the house.

Appealing House Overview Displaying the Minimalist Design of the House with Grassy Field and Trees as Parts of the Background

With square panel for the second floor, the glass panel really looks so magnificent since it is designed in sliding model. The rooftop itself is designed in sloping model that is decorated with aluminum chimney for the decoration. The glass window that is designed in modern style really looks so adorable because the frame is made from aluminum material. The exterior wall that is covered with wooden veneer really makes the exterior design becomes so perfect. When the sun sets, the glass panel is covered with wooden shutter so that the exterior design is so authentic. The glass panel that is so bright really looks so adorable because the interior can be seen through it. With Modern Rural House Plans, the restoration house is really the best house design for a rural house.

However, for the square panel at the second floor, it is covered with aluminum veneer with floating design for the balcony. The main foundation of the house is indeed made from concrete material so that the house really has enchanting appearance. With small stairs are designed in modular style, covering it with wooden panel makes the interior is so enchanting. For the wooden shutter that is used to cover the glass window, it is designed in sliding design so that it can be used to cover every window of the house.

Fabulous View Over the House Offering Fresh and Natural Atmosphere with Original Grassy Field with Fresh Air As Well

The main entrance of the house also looks so magnificent because the glass panel is installed on wooden frame. Moreover, the front porch is decorated with aluminum ornaments. In brief, by applying Modern Country House Design, the exterior of the restoration house is so magnificent.

Alluring House With Modern Touch Displaying Light Wooden Paneling and Polished Woden Construction with Glass Paneling as the Exterior Design

Alluring Wooden Details Applied as Parts of the Interior Design of a Modern Home with White Wall Painting

Attractive Rectangular Windows Appllied on the Attice of a Minimalist Modern Home with Wooden Exterior Applied

Good Picturesque House Applying Attractive Wooden Exterior with Natural Surroundings Including the Grassy Field with Some Trees As Well

Inviting Church And Village which are Simply Classsic with a Large Spread Area of Grassy Field

Lovely Side View Displaying a Large Spread Area of Flawless Grass Enabling anyone to Freely Enjoy the Relaxing Times

Nice and Amazing Surroundings of the Classic yet Modern Property Displaying Natural Grassy Field with Some Trees Present

Nice and Wonderful Picturesque Site Aparance with Natural Background Displaying Grassy Area and Varying Kinds of Trees

Rocky Alley of a Classic Modern Property with the Appearance of the Property Seen Applying Wooden Paneling with Glass Paneling As Well

Rustic but Modern Kitchen Wood Design Displaying White Interior with Original Look of Wooden Floor with Alluring Kitchen Sets

Short Stone Alley of the Classic yet Modern House with Alluring Grassy Field as the Land Area

Wooden Tiles Installed as the Exterior Design of a Traditional Wooden Residence with Rectangular Glass Windows Applied on the Attic

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