Ski Chalet Idea to be Ideal Staying Place

There is nothing can better in describing winter sport, other than ski. People often go to up high top of mountain and go to ski arena to play ski of course. For those who are really addicted to this sport, and usually will visit the place often, they surely need place to take a rest. In this case, ski chalet can be utilized. Sparkling white snow looks very great and amazing with combination of brown wooden materials.

Traditional Design of Chalet Panmah with Timber and Logs Surrounded by Snowy View and Winter Vegetation

Related to this situation, let’s check out the ski chalet design applied here. It consists of several levels, in which each of them has balcony area or outdoor terrace. It is surely freezing to death, but it could not stop people to adore exquisite scenery outside right? For interior design, it has light gray woods installed in ceiling and walls area. Furthermore, stone flooring surface is used as well. Because it has neutral colors as main theme, then combine it with lots of colorful surface.

In living area, build stone fireplace in dark gray color. Pick black frame as mantle design, and hang picture or painting above this area. Ivory fabric sofas are placed on top of grey soft rug. Small fabric ottoman and teal velvet ottoman also placed on both sides of rectangular table. Cover ottoman with table cloth in tribal pattern to make good balance with velvet seating plan.

Warm Chalet Panmah Living Room Interior Decor with Gray as Basic Theme Constrasted by Orange Touch on the Sofa

Kitchen is built in wooden theme in light brown accent color, whereas shadings of gray are used into dining set. Velvet gray chairs are paired with granite table and has white lampshade hung above it. Choosing ski chalet design also means to pick certain styles for bedroom. For example, velvet can be used as main material, which is chosen in gray tones. Meanwhile, striking impression is got from this indoor swimming pool.

Cool and Open Chalet Panmah Bedroom Interior Concept with Low Windows Covered by Sheer Window Dressing

Cool Private Indoor Swimming Pool with Incredible Winter Season Scenery Displayed Through the Windows on the Tip of Room

Elegant Chalet Panmah Dining Room Interior Decor with Minimlist Rectangular Table for Twelve in Dark Room Color Theme

Fabulous Log and Beams Installed over The Bedroom Ceiling with Attic Windows and Spacious Room Setting

Fabulous Modern TV Unit Idea to Keep the Living Room of Chalet Panmah Spacious and Open

Inviting Narrowed Blue Indoor Swimming Pool with Romantic Edging Idea Integrating Candles for Lighting and Decorating

Luxurious Master Bedroom of Chalet Panmah in Black and White Striped Bedding Idea to Contrast Creamy Sense over the Interior

Neutral Master Bedroom of Chalet Panmah with King Bed Placed on Center Wall with a Couple of Painting as Ornament

Spacious Unitary Room Area of Chalet Panmah with Large Swimming Pool and Clean iving Room Area Located Next to It

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