Small Apartment Interior Featuring Stylish and Minimalist Idea

Who says that your small apartment cannot look stylish? In fact, you can bring in the style to your small living space in minimalist design idea. And yes, we all know that the use of clean white color will be a great idea for your small space, since it will help you making the room appears larger. And this basic formula has been twisted by Z-AXIS DESIGN to result in the stylish small living space that would make you feel comfortable as well.

Fabulous Living Room Interior Decor Idea of Modern Apartment Design with Glossy Blue Painted Center Wall as Focal Point

Related to this situation, you can take a look at the living room of this stylish small apartment located in Taichung, Taiwan. The clean white room interior is accented with the concrete, stone brick wall that adds texture in this space. The minimalist space helps making this small room appears spacious as well. Yet, you can see the comfortable sofa is placed along with the fluffy chair on the corner that would be a great spot as your reading nook. It is also seen on how this corner is equipped with the floor lamp as well. A sliding glazed glass door is placed to connect this space with the small terrace outdoor.

The choice of black coffee table and wall shelves add accent to this bright white room. As for the shelves, you can see how this piece beautifully decorates the clean white wall space. The pop of bright blue of the shelf backsplash, which is seen on the chair in corner, offers the eye-catchy color accent that will stand out easily in this minimalist and white room. And just like any small room in small residence, this living room is opened to the dining space.

Cool and Clean Long Moderrn Apartment Entryway to Conect Lounge and Dining Room Area with Another Unique Room Area

The stylish small apartment design for the dining room features the cantilevered dining table in sleek white appearance. The cantilevered design thus allows this space to maximize the wall space available as well. The dining space is also equipped with the stylish chairs in sleek black color and neutral grey shade. Decorating the white wall space, you can see the lovely wooden floating shelves that provide subtle storage spaces for this minimalist area. Gorgeous yet stylish pendant lighting is chosen for this space, which features the unique curvy design that seems to be a great accent to this room.

Contemporary Wooden Book Rack Constructed Smartly on the Wall Next to the Home Office Desk and Chair Setting

Eye Catching Wall Shelving in Black Colored Closed Cabinetry Decorated by Blue Back Shelf Located on the Right Bottom Side

Eye Ctching Wall Storage Idea Studded on the White Wall of Modern Apartment Unitary Room to Store Stuffs

Complete Floor Plan Appearance of Modern Apartment with Smart Transition of Room Setting to Adore as Well

Glorious Master Bedroom of White Modern Aparment with Cool Orange Color Touch on Bedding and Corner Post Near the Windows

Imposing Design of Modern Apartment Platform Bed with Cove Lighting System under the Orange and Black Bedding Idea

Incredible Dark Black Sliding Door Idea as Room Divider to Separate Fabulous White Modern Apartment Rooms While Beautifying It

Inviting Home Office of White Modern Apartment with Vintage Black and White Photo Gallery as Wall Art Ideas

Luxurious Setting of Modern Apartement Interior Design with Unique 3D Wall Art Studded on the Wall as Main Interior Deetails Idea

Maculine Dark Painted Wall as Focal Point behind the Orange and Black Bedding to Keep This Resting Room Warmer and Modern

Marvelous Dark Transparent Chairs and Black Modern Chairs to Complete the Appearance of Contemporary Apartment Dining Room Furniture Set

Marvelous Floating Shelves Concept Decorated the Corner Wall of Modern Apartment Dining Room in Wood and Black Scheme

Nice Black Touch Displayed on the Center Wall Shelves of Modern Apartment Bedroom Interior Decor Setting

Simple and Minimalist Modern Apartment Entryway Interior Decoration without Any Decorative tems Studded on the Wall

Smart Concept of Built in Wall Dining Room Table Floor Plan Displayed in Modern Apartment Interior

Smart Space Saving Patented White Desk Idea to Keep the Modern Apartment Dining Room Spacious Though It is not In Use

Stunning Black and White Dining Room Furniture Set Placed on the Modern Apartment Corner to Follow the Lounge Interior Setting

Stylish Floating Shelving Studded Over the Corner Wall of Dining Room with Back and Wood Colored Scheme to Match the Interior Style

Tidy and Neat Concept of Smart Shelves Constructed on the Corner Wall of Modern Apartment Dining Room

Trendy Bue Colored Chair Placed on the Corner of Modern Apartment Living Room as a Focal Point among the Neutrals

Unique Personalized Decorative Items Put on the Trendy Floating Shelves of Modern Apartment Dining Room Corner Wall

Uplifting Shades Displayed on the Gray Wall behind the Orange and Black Bed with Stylish Patented Shelves and Bedside Idea

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