Smart Ideas to Enhance Small Bathroom Shower

Shower often becomes the integral part of a bathroom. The place is usually set in the corner space. Therefore, it’s not a surprise if most showers have small size. In many cases, small showers can still offer high functionally as long as they are completed with good fixtures. However, not all the showers are able to offer beauty and comfort. The following are ideas to enhance small showers.

white hanging light fixture above vanity paired with cubical shower for appealing bathroom design

A small room or space tends to be dark in look. This characteristic must also apply to small shower. If you want to enhance the beauty and comfort of a small shower, the first thing to do is creating bright look there. You can create the brightness easily by installing white tiles on the shower walls. Take inspiration from the first picture. It’s a narrow walk-in shower with white wall tiles. The white tiles do not only create brightness, they also enrich the wall’s texture. The shower’s ceiling and floor interestingly also have white color. A square recessed lighting makes the shower appear even brighter.

If you are the fan of dark color, then you must be reluctant to install white tiles in a shower. Well, it’s actually alright to install dark tiles in a small shower. However, you need to make sure that the tiles are not too dark. Light gray tiles can be good choice for a small shower. You may install the tiles on the walls. For avoiding gloomy impression, the shower floor should come in lighter color. The next step is installing glass door. Glass door is good for a small shower because it can let in the lights from outside. Therefore, the small shower will have brighter appearance.

deck floor decorate awesome bathroom filled with bathtub plus fabulous glass cubical shower

After ensuring the brightness of a small shower, don’t forget to add it with good fixtures. Showerhead and faucet are the most important shower fixtures. If the small shower also has bench and racks, then it will be much better.

ceiling light illuminate bathroom cubical shower with glass door design aside white closet and vanity

classic bathroom shower designed with tile floor also wall paired with white claw foot and vanity

elegant bathroom present simple vanity corner shower with glass door designed with tile wall

fashionable bathtub plus bathroom shower equipped with rain showerhead paired with trendy vanity

glass cubical shower equipped with rain shower head paired with white claw foot plus faucet

modern rain showerhead in bathroom cubical shower equipped with bench and illuminated with ceiling light

stylish vanity plus oval washbasin under mirror aside closet paired with modern bathroom shower

washstand plus water tap under mirror armoire aside glass cubical shower equipped with rain showerhead

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