Stone Fireplace with Wooden Mantel Creating Greater Warmth in Room

Stone and wood are two natural materials that can go together harmoniously. Since older times, people have combined the materials for decorating their homes. The result is always nice, warm and awesome. Therefore, adding wooden mantel on a stone fireplace can be considered as a good choice. A stone fireplace with wooden mantel will create greater warmth in a room.

beautiful coffered ceiling with chandelier feat contemporary gray stone fireplace mantel and black coffee table

The first picture displays a fireplace with stone surround. The stone fireplace has already looked so awesome in itself. However, wooden mantel is mounted on upper part of the stone fireplace surround. I think it really completes the fireplace. Thus, the fireplace looks even more awesome. A few small decorative items are even put on the wooden mantel. They include framed photos and simple lanterns. Meanwhile, two lovely white shelving units flank the fireplace. Two brown chairs are set in front of the fireplace to provide comfortable seating.

From the second picture, you can also see a fireplace with stone surround and wooden mantel. However, the wooden mantel is more artistic than the previous one because it comes with nice carvings. It helps the stone fireplace to look not only warm, but also beautiful. Framed photos, pot of flowers, candle stand, and small porcelain adorn the wooden fireplace mantel while creating greater beauty. Meanwhile, wrought iron candle stand and pot of green plant beautify the fireplace hearth.

cool brown accent chair with tufted back idea feat beautiful stone fireplace mantel and copper floor urn

If there is a stone fireplace in your room, then just add it with wooden mantel. As I have said above, stone and wood are natural materials. Therefore, they can combine nicely and even complementing each other. Wooden mantel is even able to provide you a place to put decorative items, like photos, pots, flowers, lanterns, candles, etc. The items will create greater beauty not only for your fireplace, but also for your room.

beautiful modern white stone fireplace mantel with shelf and wall mounted tv idea feat narrow shelving decoration

carving wood console table design feat metal fire stick holder and modern stone fireplace mantel with decorative art

comfy round leather ottoman coffee table and brown floor couch also contemporary stone fireplace mantel idea

cute polka dot pattern rug plus potted indoor plant and scenery wall decor feat stylish stone fireplace mantel design

living room focus on cute stone fireplace mantel and wooden shelf idea plus simple l shaped sofa feat lucite coffee table

living room present lucite coffee table plus stylish additional chairs and modern white stone fireplace mantel

wonderful stone fireplace mantel and shelf idea feat brown floor cushions plus antique candle sticks

wooden coffee table design feat rustic stone fireplace mantel plus old tiny clock decor

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