Striking Extra Tall Bar Stools that Can Provide Comfort

In older times, bar stools are only used in public bars for seating. With the increasing of home bar’s popularity, bar stools now are considered as common home furniture in this modern time. Bar stools come in various height. However, they normally come in 76 cm of height. If you want to create striking impression in your home bar, then I suggest you to choose extra tall bar stools.

kitchen with white cabinets plan feat cozy extra tall bar stools design plus contemporary small pendant lights

Extra tall bar stools may be 91 cm of height. Thus, they are not accessible for kids. As I have said above, such furniture can create striking impression in a home bar. A home bar with extra tall bar stools will feel so awesome just like public bars. Although the chairs are very tall, it doesn’t mean that they cannot provide you comfort. They usually come with footrest and even backrest, so that you can sit on them comfortably.

If you want to decorate your home bar with extra tall bar stools, then just go on! However, remember that the bar stools can be dangerous for kids. So, make sure that your home bar is free of kids. The first picture shows four extra tall wooden bar stools with footrest and backrest. The seating even come with black leather pads, so that they can provide you optimum comfort. The black leather pads also give elegant touch to the seating. Set against a stone home bar table, the four stools look so impressive.

cool extra tall leather barstools and stylish twin table lamps plus black wood floor design

From the next picture, you can see four modern extra tall bar stools with stainless steel legs and arched brown backrest. The pieces appear so sophisticated. They are placed against a two-level home bar table. It must be very comfortable to sit on the stools while enjoying delicious wine. You can find elegant and luxurious dining set behind the bar stools. Well, do you consider that extra tall stools are the right furniture for your home bar? You may need to try them first for getting the answer.

charming orange pendant lamps plus corner shelf idea also simple extra tall bar stools feat ladder back dining chairs

contemporary extra tall bar stools and mosaic tile idea plus cute ceiling lights also corner fireplace design

home bar design focus on comfortable extra tall leather bar stools and wooden pillar feat great recessed lights

industrial pendant lights also dark wood floor idea feat comfortable extra tall barstools and hanging wine shelf

modern extra tall bar stools and gray upholstered dining chairs feat awesome ceiling light fixtures

stylish tiny pendant lights and contemporary extra tall metal barstools plus black kitchen backsplash idea

unusual indoor table furniture feat big recessed lights plus marble floor tile and awesome extra tall bar stools

vaulted wood beam ceiling with chic hanging lighting idea feat industrial extra tall barstools design

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