Student Residence Design Called Ame Lot Project in Paris

When looking at the student residence design that appears in the urban streets in Paris, we will get the futuristic building design. The architect, Stephane Malka Architecture, designed this residence with spectacular exterior wall building designs. The building is usually well known called as The Ame Lot Project. It can be seen as futuristic and spectacular as they make the floating wooden elements as decoration and ornaments. The colors of the building are in brown that will be so neutral for the looks.

Blue Sky that Make Bright the Buildings Area

To get clearer design, look at the pictures! We have some pictures of student residence design. The first is the wooden and prefabricated elements of wall exterior styles. It resembles the cutting edge home design. The building is also floating on the road become ceiling for the grand and it covers the street as well balanced. The shapes of the wall design are irregular and they are seen as great structures. The ornaments designs are perforated on the rams and beams. The structures look so strong and attractive.

The design of those wall designs are not only on one side. They are also designed in two story house attached to the three building design as main building ideas. Smaller building exists on the first ground with its irregular shapes. Every wall boards based on wooden crafted are compiled as great in perforated system. They are in vertical perforation. The perforated system applied will allow the natural skylights penetrating very well for the interior design and concept.

Concrete Wall in Ame Lot that Good Combination in the Building Decor

Actually there are still several designs that are included in this article. The designs are related to the kinds of futuristic building. They come with the wooden perforated system of the wall exteriors. The irregular building shapes will be the student residence design that is very interesting to look.

Daylight Showing Bright Other Buildingss

Decor that Woods Material Make Nice and Creative the Buildings

Lot Showing Amazings that Inspiring Our Decoration

Lot from Faraway that Building Make Different than the Other Else

Lot that Beside Grey Wall Framed in Other Building

Lot that Woods Layout Frunishing the Buildings

Unique Pattern that Windows Opened which Giving Fresh Airliview

Windows Decor Showing Neat in Decoration but Inspiring Our Decorations

Wonderful Wooden Pallets Exterior Design in Ame Lot Student Residence that Make Creative the Design Ideas

Wooden and Concetrate Wall Framed in Steel and Yellow Decor

Woods Materials Showing Right Side View in the Buildings

Woods Materials Showing Windows Opened that Make Creative the Decoration

Woods Materials Showing Unique Shapes of Another Decoration and Inspiring Our Decor

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