Studio House Plans in Countryside Area

Everyone must be amused when seeing Nautilus Studio that has the most captivating Studio House Plans. This studio is indeed decorated as a modern studio in urban area because Calico Studio thinks that the countryside environments will make the studio embosses the brightest appearance. In addition, the arch model for the ceiling really fits to the white exterior wall that is installed with glass panel.

Amusing Nautilus Studio Residence with Wooden Ceiling Design with Concrete Floor Plan also Chandelier Lamp and White Interior Wall also Aluminum Stairs Design

At the front porch, the small furniture is applied along with its decorative ornaments. Near the green park of the front yard, the exterior looks more lavish. In addition, near the small patio, a spot is directly illuminated by two cone wall lamps. Through the transparent panel, the rustic appearance of the interior design can be seen completely from the view nook. With front porch is pounded with concrete material, the exterior design seems so rustic. For the Small Studio House Plans, applying similar design for the backyard really makes the studio has the most captivating view.

The large area at the backyard is also designed with minimalist style with wall lamps as the main lamp installation. Since the backyard is pounded with concrete material, the minimalist sofa really contrasts the exterior of the backyard. For the interior, as it looks from the patio, the wall is almost all covered with wooden shelves, to keep the household utensils and other stuffs, the interior becomes so rustic. Moreover, the interior wall is covered with white wooden veneer that looks so captivating with hanging lamp. The floor installation that is decorated with concrete material, the interior really seems so great.

Astonishing Nautilus Studio Residence with Curvy Exterior Design also White Exterior Wall and Glass Panel and Green Grass and Wood Interior Design

With arch ceiling model, the interior structure is made from cedar wood. With its flexibility, the house structure becomes the perfect one for a studio in countryside area. However, whether the studio is built in countryside area, the Small Studio House Design is perfectly applied as for studio in urban area.

Awesome Nautilus Studio Residence with Concrete Floor Installation with White Interior Wall and Glass Panel also Curvy Ceiling Design and Small Table

Delightful Nautilus Studio Residence with Small Back Porch for Plpayground also Wall Lamps near Minimalist Sofa and Authentic Rug for Concrete Floor

Elegant Nautilus Studio Residence with Green Grass for Exterior Design also Curvy Exterior Panel also Glass Window with Nautica Model of Rooftop

Enchanting Nautilus Studio Residence with White Exterior Wall and Glass Panel with Aluminum Frame also Concrete Frame with Ceiling Bars also Mini Patio

Magnificent Nautilus Studio Residence with Exterior White Wall and Glass Panel in Aluminum Frame also Curvy Rooftop Design with Concrete Floor also Ceiling Bars

Stunning Nautilus Studio Residence with Glass Window with Aluminum Veneer also White Interior Wall also Wooden Ceiling Bars with Chandelier Lamps

Stylish Nautilus Studio Residence with Concrete Floor Installation with Wood Furniture also Curvy Ceiling Design with Wood Bars and Bookshelves

Vivacious Nautilus Studio Residence with Nautica Rooftop Design also White Interior Wall with Wooden Ceiling Bars and Glass Panel with Brick Wall

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