Stunning Home Renovation Project with Stone Walls

Doing a home renovation that can serve the new needs while still maintain its original accent is well offered by this house that situated in the Swiss Alps. This is a renovated house that built adjacent to a barn near it. An architectural studio of Clavienrossier Achitects has beautifully made this Transformation a Charrat project completed in 2010. The house is located in a mountainside village, so this contemporary house is surrounded with a stunning view of nature.

Building Design of Home with Horizontal Shape of Rooftop

The exterior view of the house is mainly dominated by its stone walls that can be seen deliberately. The stones walls make the house can mingle with its surrounding landscape which also has stony ground in slopped terrain. The house facade also comes in that simple stones walls with no additional terrace. Maybe the only space that can be called as terrace is the one created by an indented part that comes from the hollow part of the thick stone walls as the house way in. This house preserves its original facade wall as its one of home renovation ideas.

The exterior of the house is also adorned with its slopped part in the second story and the third story. The slopped walls end in wooden framed windows. These sloped walls haves peach colored concrete walls. The sloped walls can play with the sun to make a unique shade that is different throughout the day.

Charrat by Clavienrossier Architectes which is Made from Light Brown Wooden Material

The interior design of the building follows its contemporary style which has sleek design and straight lines. There are some walls that still show its stones materials but mostly the house filled with a bright walls. The furniture used has bold shape to serve its practical function. This contemporary home maintains its original flooring and cellar as they are preserved from the house that existed before. Those characteristic can be home renovation ideas interior that can show the original accent of the house.

Grey Bottom Wall also Wooden Upper Wall

Grey Bottom Wall Made from Stone Material

Grey Inner Wall Made from Stone Material

Home near Bright Soft Yellow Lighting Inside

Home near Grey Floor Made from Concrete

Home near White Colored Concrete Wall

Home near Wide Glass Upper Windows

Soft Brown Wooden Wall also Beautiful View of Huge Mountain

Soft Brown White Wall also Square Shaped Big Windows

Square Shaped Windows near Dark Brown Wooden Frame

Tall Glass Window also Grey Stone Wall

Transformation Light Brown Wooden Floor also Grey Inner Wall Made from Stone Material

Transformation Light Brown Wooden Floor also White Concrete Ceiling

Transformation White Concrete Staircase also Light Brown Wooden Surface

White Concrete Wall also Light Wooden Floor

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