Stunning Ideas for Kitchen with Contemporary Design

Having a home with contemporary design is more than just a trend now. According to the name, this design refers to what is popular now. Contemporary idea symbolized as modernity which is the counter idea of classic style that usually symbolized as old and traditional. This design is now more than just a trending; for some people it is even an identity that reflects through their home design.

Fabulous Modern Kitchen Design Extended Table Dallas Residence

Talking about contemporary idea in home design, we all sure agree that this design emphasizes on the simplicity and modesty. Clean lines, neat looks, polished furniture and neutral colors are the main characteristic of this idea. The use of this design creates spacious and airy feeling comes from the open furniture setting. Moreover for kitchen, the application of this design is a big benefit to create clean and uncluttered look to your cooking area. The project house named “Dallas Residence” from Richard Wintersole Architect could be the source of kitchen ideas with contemporary design you can use for your kitchen.

The kitchen is designed to be connected to living room as well as dining room aside. The less room partition between these areas creates open and spacious feeling. The only partition between kitchen area and living room is a contemporary styled wooden fireplace with hearth on both sides. One side of the fireplace is faced to the living room and another one is faced to the dining room. This is a unique design of a fireplace because that way, you can warm out both dining area and the living room. The main material that used is wooden material that matched to the wooden ceiling above. The kitchen set is simple and compact with multiple on wall cabinets for storage.

Exquisite Hall Dallas Residence Wooden Closet Concrete Floor

There are two dining area on this kitchen, one on the dining table and another is on the extension of cooking station. The dining table is designed with traditional style and made from wooden materials. The wooden dining table is perfectly matched with wooden folded chairs around it. These are some contemporary design inspirations you can use for your kitchen.

Fancy Modern Kitchen Table Gorgeous Bar Stools Dallas Residence

Fascinating Dining Room Light Oak Dining Table Dallas Residence

Sleek Modern Living Room Leather Sofa Dallas Residence

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