Stunning Undersea Hotel Project in Unbelievable Design

Welcome to stunning undersea hotel project in Dubai. You will see stunning hotel design with half part inside the water and half part floating above the water. The main designer that already signed the contract to build the hotel is Drydocks World from Dubai building company. It is such a precious and prestige project that makes the world has an intention to the hotel building. You are lucky because you can see complete picture of the hotel project.

Fabulous Water Discus in Nice Lighting with Wooden Deck with Nice Flooring Lighting under Natural Sky Views

The picture will show you prestige undersea hotel design that you never imagine before. You can find sophisticated, lavish, stylish, and modern atmospheres throughout the hotel building. The architect and the company decided to call it as Water Discus Hotel. Now, you should see the first until the last picture to find out how stunning the hotel building is. The main hotel building looks like an UFO design. You will see futuristic hotel building in fascinating appearance.

This hotel is safe from the hurricane or bad weather. You do not need to worry if the hurricane crossing the sea. Look at to the rooftop side of the building and you will see helipad area and lavish pool area. The guest will enjoy their holiday from the rooftop of Water Discus Hotel. It has super lavish restaurant area that located under the sea. You will see two-sided lavish stairs that leads you down to the restaurant area. You will see undersea hotel room with tremendous undersea view.

Amazing Water Discus Interior Design Side View for center Shining Glass Building in Infinity Style with Two Great Stairways

You can see the fish and undersea creature through the curved glass windows at the room. You will find modern bedroom design with straight view to the undersea. It has roof screen television that will not blocking your view to the ocean. The last picture shows you the hotel dummy, so you can see the whole hotel building completely. What a beautiful undersea hotel concept in Dubai.

Elegant Water Discus Lounge with Four Brown Sofas and Stainless Steel Couch in Round Glass Aquarium Behind

Excellent Water Discus Interior with Round Table and Seats under Curving Concrete Stairways through Next Building and Covered by Glasses

Magnificent Water Discus Views in Big and Strong Supporting Pillar at Center of Each Building Seen from Beach Side

Luxurious Water Discus Building Design Seen from Top in Round Main Building wit Pools and Three Coconut Tress and Helipad

Miracles Water Discus Interior Design with Futuristic Shining Center Curving Pillars Surrounded by Chrome Folding Chairs with Elegant Ceiling

Powerful Water Discus Building and Construction when Buffeted by Big Waves in Enchanting Round Lighting and Construction

Powerful White Water Discus Bedroom and Table with Underwater scenery through Television and Direct Views faced through Transparent Wall

Spectacular Water Discus Building in Soft Nuance for Four Building over Wonderful Underwater Scenery with Corals and Fish

Water Discus Architecture Plan Miniature for Wider Main Building at Center and Two Smaller in Side Supported by Pillar in Each Building

Water Discus Bedroom in Black Bed White and Red Blanket on Wood Floor Futuristic Bubble Cream Headwall Decoration and Underwater Scenery

Water Discus Bedroom Seen from Outside Underwater with Various and Hues Fish and Corals through Strong Glass Prefabricated Curving Wall

Wonderful Blue and white Water Discus Bedroom on Grey furry Rug and Rest Sofa Facing Picturesque Underwater Scenery Through Transparent Wall

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