Stylish Architecture Idea for Contemporary House

What do people expect in designing their house? The answer lies between them, which means they should know what their preference is. Also, choosing a great architecture idea can be marvelous if combined with desired design in good arrangement. Check out this example of real unique style in its architectural aspect. It has lots of glass windows installed instead of walls. There is back facade, as well for recycled plastic and wooden materials.

Shining Family Room in Janus House with Grey Sofas the Wooden Table and the Grey Carpet

Here people can see this modern design applied in minimalist style. Thus, it performs contemporary approach. Exterior walls have good distinctive points, which come in stripe pattern of blue and white basic color. Although this kind of arrangement is only done to back side of house, but on front part, the house still looks elegant. In this side choosing architecture idea comes from lots of paneled woods are installed and painted in gradating colors. There is small nook embedded to both levels in window areas.

Make the house be fun and hence choose outdoor theme. It doesn’t have to be in outdoor setting entirely, but people can add sliding glass doors instead. This study area is used for discussing with friends, and designed with colorful chairs surrounding wooden table. Meanwhile, create classy feeling too by placing grand piano near window inside blue themed living room. Here, place tufted velvet sofas and brown leather armchairs.

Comfortable Living Room in Janus House with Brown Sofas the Rounded Table and the Wall Bookshelves

On the second floor, make open space for terrace area. White plush sofas and upholstered armchair are placed in indoor area, whereas canes chairs and soft cushions with floral print pillows are for outdoor setting. Choosing architecture idea smartly can be done designing bedroom in gorgeous style. Patterned black bed sheets are paired with crystal bead curtains hung from above shaping bedding area. It looks very stunning as skylight can make it sparkles, and even at night when it is turned on.

Cozy Area inside Janus House with Long table Colorful Chairs and Wooden Book Shelves near it

Amazing Balcony Space in the Janus House with the Blurred Glass Fence near the Wide Windows

Awesome Section View of Lower and Upper Level with Wide Glass Windows in the Janus House

Brilliant Floor Design Plans in Janus House with many Comfortable Rooms in each Floor in the Building

Comfortable Bedroom with the White Bed the Flowery Quilt and the Flowery Cushions in the Janus House

Contemporary Janus House with Grey Wall Glass Windows and the Outdoor Stairs on the Road Side

Interesting Hallway near the White Staircase in the Janus House with White Wall and Hardwood Floor

Minimalist Janus House with White Wall Glass Windows Open Balcony and Small Garden with Concrete Floor

Modern Shiled around the Black Bed with Unique Quilt on the Wooden Floor in Janus House

Perfect Section Design Plan of the Janus House with the Irregular Shape for the each Floor

Sensational Back Yard Look of Janus House with Shining Open Balcony Small Garden and Cozy Area

Simple Janus House Exterior and Open Balcony with the Blurred Glass Fence on the Second Level

Small Kitchen Area in Second Level in Janus House with Grey Counter Grey Island and White Stools

Unique Janus House with White Wall Wide Glass Windows and Cozy Balcony on the Upper Floor

Unusual Night View with Amazing Lighting for both the Interior and Exterior in the Janus House

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