Stylish Concrete House with Vast Open Concrete Terrace

Choosing a concrete house to be a place for living should really consider the house design since concrete element only has a plain color and texture. However a house that is situated in Uaymitun, Yucatan, Mexico can exploit the concrete’s plain color and texture to make an astonishing building as a place to live. This house was designed by the genuine minds of Munoz Arquitectos studio. That is a Mexican architectural studio that has built the concrete home under the Siriki House project.

Bright White Lighting from the Floor Lamps

The Siriki House implements one of concrete house designs that gracefully cover its lot with concrete block home. This house applied a cubical house design with so many open walls applied. The exterior design of the house looks so great with its boundless open terrace that filled with some patio furniture set. The patios are mostly wooden framed furniture with white color scheme. There are also some outdoor chaises that placed near a round shaped swimming pool. The terrace is still covered in concrete flooring that extends from the house and fills almost all of its surrounding. But there are some parts of the terrace that are not covered in concrete and used to plant some shrubs and trees instead.

Beside the open terrace, there are also some parts of the terrace intruded below the second building. That kind of terrace has its roof that come from the second building which is supported with white concrete poles. Some patio furniture sets also placed in the intruded terraces that also become the house facade.

Circle Shaped Swimming Pool whcih Has Soft Green Water

The concrete element also comes inside the house with its rough appearance but smooth in texture. The concrete wall did not use any more furnishing technique to let the concrete texture and color can be seen. The use of glass element in many windows and decoration, and also open walls in this house has made the house become more bright and elegant. Those elements can create concrete block house designs which stands stylish with its contemporary design.

Cream Marble Floor also White Vanity Made from Several White Wooden Blocks

Grey Concrete Floor also White Concrete Pillar

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Grey Concrete Ceiling

Grey Concrete Upper Wall also Several Simple White Chairs on the Terrace

Grey Floor Made from Concrete Blocks also Bright White Lighting

Grey Upper Wall also Several Silver Door Made from Stainless Steel

Grey Upper Wall Made fro Concrete also Several Square Windows

Light Brown Wooden Staircase also Transaprent Glass Handrail

Marble Blocks also Bright Orange Lighting from Inside

Ovale Shape of Pool which has Blue Colored Water

Several Bright Colored Chairs which Has White Wooden Frame

Several White Simple Chairs also Bright Square Shaped Skylight

Several Wooden Chairs also White Upper Wall Made from Concrete

White Simple Chairs also Palm Trees Decoration on Grey Tube Concrete

White Soft Sofa which Has White Colored Frame Made from Wooden Material

White Simple Chairs which Has Soft Brown Wooden Frame

White Wooden Long Chair also Several White Simple Chairs

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