Stylish Guest Room Design for Modern Hotel

Hotel guest certainly hope to find a cozy guest room design in hotel they stay. They also wish staying in a different atmosphere from the place they stay before. The guests want to experience a unique hospitality. That is why every hotel should have different characteristics.

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Besides the basic need that every single guest room should have, such as the bed, bathroom, TV, freezer, aesthetic and comfortable aspect must be considered. A simple yet elegant design is perfectly match for a hotel that brings up modern concept. Exposing the view outside trough giant glass windows is a must. Of course, double curtains are needed to give the guest privacy. A snug sofa near windows will make the guests comfortable to enjoy the city view. Extra futuristic armchair will become a good point with a minimalist coffee table. A rug will warm the guest room. A king size bed, queen size bed, single bed, double bed, or twin bed, whatever size the bed is, the cleanliness is important point, White bed sheet will be a fabulous idea. A bed cover with slightly dark color will sweetly decorate it. Fewer patterns, more color and texture is one of hotel guest room design trends for now.

A futuristic work desk with a simple work chair will helps the guests to do their work. An aluminum table lamp will complete the work desk. LED TV is the most important electronic to entertain the hotel guest, so it should be stored stunningly on the in-wall cabinet. For the ceiling, a one round modern hanging lamp is enough. For the wall decoration, two big painting in line in one corner of the wall, and let the rest plain.

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A guest needs can be accommodated in the modern way yet remains comfortable. This is one of guest room design ideas that will make the hotel owners feel like home.

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