Stylish Modern Shack with Russian House Design

Considering Russia is part of subtropical country, building Modern Shack must be so stylish for a living place. A well-known architecture named Nicholas Lyzlov is indeed designing a shack for suburban people in Russia by using red brick material for main both exterior and interior wall. Indeed, by applying red brick material, all interior furniture is looked more stylish rather than using other material.

Wondrous Office Room Design of Ruben Dishdishyan House with Dark Brown Chairs Made from Wooden Material and Soft Brown Marble Table

Now, I will show you some stylish pictures of this shack that is designed by applying Russia house design. Surrounded by subtropical trees, this red brick house is looked so stylish for its exterior design. Moreover, as a modern shack, it is built in duplex floor. Thus, it must have very large compartments for interior decoration. Using red brick material for exterior wall is also making exterior design of this modern shack should not need to be added by outdoor furniture. By combining red brick wall with some wooden material for additional Modern Shack Decoration, this shack is perfectly stylish.

Those wooden materials are indeed used to make wooden outdoor railing and square wooden shutters. Thus, exterior design of this modern shack is instead of looking so authentic, it is so different compared to similar modern shack. Mover to interior decoration of this shack, some modern furniture is applied as main interior furniture. Barcelona chairs and square fireplace are applied in main living room. Without adding an interior room heater, this modern shack is so warm embracing natural nuance of hardwood floor. Rustic white tiles that are used as main interior wall decoration is also looked so stylish.

Wonderful Building Design of Ruben Dishdishyan House with Two Floors Red Brickstones Wall and Frozen Yard with Several Brown Plants

Indeed, hardwood that is used as main interior floor is so compatible with red color of wooden shelves that are installed on family room. Rustic white tiles are also looked more adorable since hardwood for interior floor has red color embossing natural nuance of Modern Shack Furniture as main interior furniture.

Incredible Living Room  Design of Ruben Dishdishyan House with White Soft Chairs and Impresive Glass Lamp Covered with Crystal Tube

Impressive Bedroom  Design of Ruben Dishdishyan House with Dark Brown Wooden Floor Yellow Bed Linen and Several Colorful Pillows

Excellent Bedroom Design of Ruben Dishdishyan House with Stripes Bed Linen Colorful Pillows and Globe Shaped Lamp

Amusing Living Room  Design of Ruben Dishdishyan House with Soft Brown Chairs and Dark Brown Wooden Floor

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