Stylish Personalized Wood Panels in Your Room Designs

Wooden panels have been applied as an exchange for concrete walls in Western typed houses. Marginally, they make lighter and convertible constructions. Some wooden panels appear work together with the walls i.e. wainscoting board.

alluring table lamp on classic desk paired with golden chairs in home office designed with white wood panel

Apparently, wooden panels look just dearly with any of our personal touch in terms of decorating.

Most wooden panels I saw in the pictures are painted in crisp white. The bright shade brings opportunity for the concrete part of the walls to appear in distinctive shades. A laundry room featuring white wainscoting panels layering the bottom-half of the room dimension has contrastive burgundy walls. And a cozy chic bedroom shows how a white wainscoting looks good together with gray walls extending to the ceiling. Not only dark and medium shades, but you can pair your white painted wainscoting with elegant khaki walls beneath the showering golden lighting. The whiteness will dampen the brightness other colors emit.

Meanwhile, other rooms decide to accompany white painted panels with natural colored wooden panels. I have seen it come with timber panels taking over the entire surface of the wall in a fairly measured proportion. If not timber, then honey colored wooden makes another good alternative.

orange wall combine with white wood panel designed for living space also staircase with banister

Unlike the first two described way of personalizing wood panels, this tip may look much simpler. You don’t have to pair your wooden panels with colored concrete walls. You can leave wainscoting job. Simply cover the entire side of your rooms with monotone wood panels. No, they won’t be boring, if you count how much decorative knickknacks littering in your rooms. This has proven genius to celebrate the look of a posh classic living room, having the light gray panels surrounding. Then there is still traditional American bedroom featuring white wooden panels as the wall. To summarize, there is always something you can do for your wooden panels. That includes coloring and pairing.

appealing bathroom design paired with light blue wood panel equipped with washstand under mirror plus closet

chic chandelier above table plus chair illuminated dining area designed with gray wood panel

bathroom vanity paired with washstand plus mirror overlooking with bathtub designed with white wood panel

classic picture frame attach to grey wood panel above single bed aside bedside plus table lamp

gray light wood panel decorate bathroom equipped with white bathtub wall shelf plus modern closet

minimalist bedroom present desk wall hook and bed designed with classic white wood panel

perfect fusion between beige and brown wood panel attached with wall mount tv above floating desk

shabby chic day bed plus cushions embellished with birdcage decoration designed with white wood panel

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