Sunset Scenery Views to See around the World

For nature lovers, they would adore any nature phenomena and in any places, just like sunset scenery. They just love to see and enjoy breathtaking view around the globe, whatever it is. This scenery is even though considered daily phenomenon, it still awes all people if the place is right. Let’s take a look at places below, which are perfect to see brilliant color combination of sunset.

Amazing Building Design of Sunset Oia Santorini Greece with White Colored Outer Wall which is Made from Concrete

Remember Santorini? It is just a small city that can impress all people who go there, which is due to its stunning landscape and unique way of living from local people. Sunset scenery nature in this place is giving light to all areas in city, and hence beautify even more. Or try combination of twilight time and fresh sea water at harbor in Cape Town, South Africa.

Another place to enjoy sunset near sea water is in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa. Red tone covering buildings at port combined with turquoise water waving below is an amusing view. Not to mention gradual orange hues leaving beach in South Africa to look splendid.

Bold orange of sunlight ready to leave earth is seen at horizon across Doya rice terrace in Japan. Velvet-like sea surface, along with fresh green plants make most out of sunset view here. Similarly, sunset and sunrise are elegant in Cinque Terre region of Italy. Then, double the effect of magic by installing star lamps on street. Orange comes in abundant amount covering all areas in La Paz city.

Amusing Waterfront In Cape Town Design with Several Big Ships Outside and Light Brown Colored Wooden Outer Wall

Historic building from Rome age, which is Coliseum, is already stunning by itself. Grey stones of building, coupled with busy routines from people below, look more amazing with flooded orange in sky view. Also, Venice itself is considered as romantic town, and even more when orange color bursts into horizon. Beautiful sunset scenery can be seen from metropolitan city like New York among skyscrapers.

Astonishing Gordons Bay South Africa Design with Light Brown Colored Wooden Bridge Floor and White Colored Boat

Astounding Gordons Bay South Africa Design with Beautiful Sunset View and Wide Sea which is Filled with Blue Colored Water

Awesome Doya Rice Terrace Sunset Japan Desugb with Neat Field Planning and Beautiful Orange Colored Sunset with Vast Sea

Breathtaking Riomaggiore Cinque Terre Italy Sunrise James Brandon Design with Several Little Ships Below on the River

Brilliant La Paz Bolivia At Sunset Design with Several Light Brown Colored Wall of Buildings and Several Mountains on the Back

Captivating Rome Sunset Design with Soft Grey Colored Outer Wall which is Made from Concrete and Several Light Orange Wall Lamp

Cool Venice At Sunset Italy Design with Several Wooden Boats Placed on Long River and Several Buildings with Concrete Wall

Enchanting New York Sunset Design with Several Tall Skyscraper and Crowded Road which is Fileld with People and Several Vehicles

Excellent Beach Side with Several Tall Palm Trees Several Classic Car and Dark Colored Street Surface with Beautiful Sunset View

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