Superb Design Ideas for Sea-Side Residence

To have a sea-side residence maybe a dream comes true for some people. For those who love sea and its mystical side, living in coastal area is more than just drenched sunlight every day. The breeze of wind and the sound of the waves could be the natural relaxation after a tiring day on the office. What makes you miss home more than the beautiful view of the sea on your backyard?

Awesome Mediterranean Deck with View Metal Balustrade Intracoastal Images

Dealing with sea-side residence design is actually easy. Residence that located in the sea-side just need extra open space to exploit the magnificent view outside. Try to apply open airy concept to your house to bring in the sea view inside of your house. You can use wide glass window or open seating for you to enjoy the view and the atmosphere of the sea. To keep it breeze and windy, you can consider using tall building structure to let the heat transfer flow easily.

If you need some references, there is a project from Gregory A. Jones Architecture named “Intracoastal Images”. There are some pictures of beautiful home design with location on the sea-side. Almost the entire home seen on the project is designed with modern classic design. The curving shapes on the exterior as well as pillars and artsy detailing are the things that dominating the design. There are some houses that has water feature to emphasize the ocean atmosphere on the home design. Every house has different design but the fine line between all of them is that the open airy concept that used in all of the design.

Beautiful Mediterranean House Architecure with Intracoastal Images Landscape View

To exploit the view and atmosphere, you can add open seating area for your sea-side home. Roof deck or back yard is the common place for the open seating. But you can also place the open seating on the pool side. So, with these sea-side residence ideas you can now design your own gorgeous sea-side house.

Amazing Mediterranean Landscape Lush Vegetations Intracoastal Images Home

Astonishing Patio with View Infinity Pool Intracoastal Images

Beautiful Mediterranean Pool with View Palm Trees Intracoastal Images

Cozy Mediterranean Living Room Classic Chandelier Intracoastal Images

Fabulous Traditional Porch Design Modern Furniture Intracoastal Images

Fancy Mediterranean Staircase with Classic Pendant Lamp Intracoastal Images

Fascinating Tropical House Exterior Great Architecture Intracoastal Images

Stunning Tropical Landscape with Iconuc Palm Intracoastal Images Design

Tropical Landscape Lush Vegetations Palms Beautiful Intracoastal Images

Wonderful Swimming Pool with Hot Tub Modern Intracoastal Images

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