Superb Ideas for Small Home Design

Small spaces push you to outsmart it out with a smart small home design. With the development of home design, small space is no longer an obstruction for a fabulous home design. It has been learnt -especially by contemporary and modern design- that the key in home design is to maintain and optimize the space. The focus on home design is no longer the things inside the house itself, but how we set the place with few things and create openly space inside.

Cozy Dining Room Square Table Tiny Residence in Burleson

If you are looking for some small home design ideas, here is a design from Richard Wintersole Architect named “A Tiny Residence in Burleson” that could be an example. The home is a two-floor home with cubical shape on its form factor. The exterior of the house is dominated with white color that combined with blue color on the roof. The front side of the house has wide glass window that gives unlimited view to the interior inside. A small stairway is decorated the front area and gives lifting to the small terrace on the front side of the house. A simple fence on terrace area is emphasizing the modern yet contemporary design of this house.

Inside of the house, we can see that this house has airy open area which makes it looks even wider. A metal stairway is visible from the outside through the glass window on the front side of the house. The first floor is used for communal space with kitchen area as well as dining area all connected. The room has no partition and that’s the secret why it looks spacious. All of the furniture is designed with simple lines and complete the modern idea of the house. The kitchen set is designed with compact style with neat cabinets.

Exciting Tiny Residence in Burleson Living Room White Oak Floor

Meanwhile the second floor is used for residential purpose. The stairway to the second floor is designed with modern style. It has no banister with metal steps combined with wooden hand railing. These are some of small home design references that might help you to optimize the limited space that you have.

Exquisite Tiny Residence in Burleson Interior with Metal Staircase

Modern Minimalist Living Room Blue Sofa Tiny Residence in Burleson

Fascinating Tiny Residence in Burleson Exterior Small Modern Porch

Traditional Landscape View Tiny Residence in Burleson White Painted Wall

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