Swimming Pool Designs for Exquisite Modern Villa

This beautiful modern villa with swimming pool designs is been built in Koh Samuii Island, Thailand. The designer made it done in a magnificent design of opened concept in every point of view that you can see. Since this one is built near the ocean, a dazzling layout of the swimming pool is also noticed very well. See the first picture of this Thailand Villa. You have a comfortable sitting room with white domination among the opened design here. Perfect white sofas and some blue cushions could complete your days while you are watching the view of the swimming pool right in front of you. What’s more about this idea?

Exterior of Contemporary Wooden Beach Bench with a Grand Umbrella at the Outside

We move to another corner of the villa through the second picture. Closer to the swimming pool designs; you can see that there are some floating steps with built-in lamps creating a way to reach the built-in gazebo in the middle of the pool. As the center of the villa, that gazebo is also furnished by well sitting equipment for the visitors. In the next picture of the modern villa gallery, you can see a simpler area for you to sit towards the long swimming pool. Across the pool, you will have a great view of a combination between the pool and the buildings of the villa there. Some built-in lighting spread there to beautify its appearance.

Remember the picture of the gazebo before? The next one picture shows you the gazebo again from a different corner of the pool. Concrete cantilevers of the gazebo are painted in white and been finished by some bamboo to cover up the roof. It is simple yet so natural and beautiful to be blended with the swimming pool around it. To see the villa in the morning, just see the fifth picture. From the yard, some coconut trees are lining together making a way for you to pass. Its green grass spreads from corner to corner there. Since the main buildings of the villa are shaping the letter U, the view of the combination now is amazing.

Touch in White Wooden Chairs and Quadrangle Low Table

The last picture shows you a site to spend your leisure by relaxing by the seashore. For your info, the villa has built near the coast and that is why it will be easy for you to play around with the ocean. Two lazy seats from wooden materials are provided for you on the sand. To support your comfort, a big white umbrella is also available between them. Why don’t you see the modern villa images with swimming pool designs to get more references to try?

Contemporary with a Luxurious Large Bedroom a White Bedstead

Interior of Contemporary with a Bedroom a Grand White Bedstead

Lounge Space in the Middle of Exterior Pool Side

Luxury Bath with a Square Ceramic Baththub attach on the White Floor

Luxury Jacuzzi nearby Mini Garden at the Back Wall

Modern Bedroom with a White Bedstead and Blue Small Pillows

Pool Patio Pavilion Lounge Sofa and Table

Modern Living Room White Sofa and Low Profile Table

Ultra Modern Kitchen Sets and a Pool Views at the Side of Dining Area

White Bedroom with a Lounge Sofa in the Luxury

White Bedstead with Pinting and Television in the Bedroom View

White Sofa and Rocking Chair with a Low Wooden Table in a Spacious Living Room

White Sofas and the Outdoor Terrace at the Exterior Pavilion

Wooden Bench at the Side of Relaxing Pool Area

Wooden Dining Table and White Slipcovers on the Chairs

Wooden Table and Chairs at the Outdoor Pool Area

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