TARDIS Teapot for Your Delightful Tea Time

Do you know the famous British science-fiction series entitled Dr. Who? If you happen to be a fan of him, then you are supposed to recognize the time-travelling space ship he uses as the Time Lord. Yep, it is the TARDIS. But, today we will not talk about the series. No, we are not going to have a scientific discussion here. Instead, we will show you how the TARDIS has turned out to be a stylish icon representing this series really well. Today, we will show you the TARDIS teapot as your company during your tea time.

Creative Tardis Teapot with Unique Shaped Decoration Inspiration Stunning Dining Room Accesories Red Black And Blue Color

Look at this stunning TARDIS teapot that will contain itself gleefully with your favorite tea. Disguised as the dark blue police box, this teapot will ease you to carry your tea; either it is chamomile or jasmine tea, wherever you would like to enjoy it. The size of this exceptional teapot will allow you to pour enough tea for your friends and families too. So, do not hesitate to enjoy it with your significant others as well!

While the TARDIS has become the British pop culture icon, have you and your tea time so in with this traditional style teapot. The weathered look on its blue paint will make you feel like this teapot has travelled within time and space too, just like the TARDIS and Doctor. But wait, is that Dalek? When Doctor must be really careful with the Dalek, you do not have to worry that this machine will attack you. Instead, this red and black robot will offer you the creamer when you prefer one for your tea. Isn’t it a great companion too?

Beautiful Tardis Teapot with Rustic Decoration Ideas Blue Color Police Box Leopard Bag Traditional Kitchen Interior Design

In some times, TARDIS is disguised as police public call box, sometimes it is a telephone box. For most of times, your TARDIS is a porcelain teapot that will accompany you during your tea time at 5 o’clock. This stunning TARDIS teapot idea includes the less space required for the storage, since the teapot can be simply placed above the cup when you are going to put it in the cabinet. As to make your tea time is more delightful, why don’t you enjoy the delicious handmade cookies from the TARDIS cookie jar as well?

Amazing Blue Color Traditional Style Tardis Teapot Design Police Public Call Box Ceramic Cup And Plate

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Luxurious Blue Porcelain Teapot Design from Tardis Teapot Creation Open Top Fancy Ceramic Tea Cup

Old Tardis Teapot Design Washed Out Blue Tea Cup Rustic Design Kitchen Appliance Tile Flooring Blue Color

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