Traditional Modern Home that Unite with Nature

House in Itaipava is a traditional modern home that is located in Brazil. No one will deny the fact that this house is absolutely gorgeous. This house has everything inside that makes you feel comfortable and pampering your vision. The architect that is handled this home project is Cadas Architecture and was completed in 2008. The residence is located in natural rustic area and far away from the city. If you stay here, then you can feel peace and serene.

Dark Blue Wooden Wall also Dark Brown Colored Rooftop

The main residence looks united with the nature. You will see traditional modern home decor in interesting appearance. Look at the wall and you will see light green wall paints in combination with timber accent. In another part of the house, you can find addition room with beautiful water pond creation. You can follow the walkways path from the main home building to the relaxing room down the hill. Before you are exploring the living home, then you should see the interior appearance of the small house.

When you come inside, you will see a room that looks like a spa room. It has high ceiling design with wooden siding ceiling and triangle roof design. When you look around, all you see is glass windows. There are four relaxing rattan beds on the floor and you also can find traditional fireplace with floor-to-ceiling stone mantle. If you go to the main home building up there, then you can find serene living room in warm lighting color.

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Black Billiard Table

You can find spacious area in open floor plan design. Right behind the living room, you can find the sitting room and the entertainment room. There is classic pool table at the sitting room. Go further, and you will find traditional dining room with hanging beam chandelier in outstanding appearance. This traditional contemporary home decor looks so fantastic start from the exterior to interior side.

Dark Brown Chairs also Dark Brown Wooden Dining Table

Dark Brown Colored Rooftop Made fom Clay Blocks

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Black Metallic Handrail

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Circle Shaped Bonfire Place

Dark Brown Wooden Floor also Square Shaped Green Pool

Light Brown Kitchen Island which Has Brown Marble Surface

Light Brown Wooden Door also Tall Glass Windows

Light Brown Wooden Floor also Several Cream Sofas

Several Cream Sofa also White Carpet on the Floor

Several Dark Brown Soft Chairs

Several Desk Lamps also BigLCD Television

Several White Sofas also Cozy Fireplace

Soft Brown Wooden Floor also Several Wooden Sleeper Chairs

Wall also Beautiful View of Soft Blue Pond

White Colored Entrance Stone Entrance Floor

White Soft Bed also Several Blue Pillows

Wooden Chairs also Dark Brown Wooden Dining Table

Wooden Wall also Black Metallic Entrance Floor

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