Two Story House Kits Called White Mop House in Al-Nuzha

When looking at the building design of two story house kits called Mop House, we will get the inspiration how to build contemporary house. Yeah, it is one of the contemporary buildings that we will find out in Al-Nuzha, Kuwait. This style features white building structure, especially for exterior wall design. The AGI Architects had designed this building well combined with the spectacular views of greenery. How does it look like?

Also in Mop Home that Corridor Cinnected the Living Room Area

Check the pictures right here! The two story house kits out with the open plan area for the first floor. It is because the building applies glass wall facade. The porch is situated as natural by decorating lawn with some plants such as palms and flowers added by seating place under umbrella. The building facades made of concrete is actually designed in curving style. It will be seen from the sides. The building structures upper swimming pool area is designed in open up design with curving and sideway wall design.

Well, look at the further pictures. The next pictures deal with the L-shaped swimming oil with brown balcony. It includes two brown chairs with simple wooden table. When it is being at day, the nuance looks so light with natural sky lights penetrating form the up. This swimming style is up between the two buildings in different styles. They are in open plan area for the outer balcony with chairs and table. The interior decoration of this house includes artistic wall art decoration in honey lighting system.

Black White Wall Themed that Showing Interior Exterior Area which Inspiring Our Decor

If you are interested in this home design, you can get it as your inspiration. We have some more ideas that will lead us having great living space. The attractive style based on this house is the appearance of the curving wall design. The two story house kits with open floor plan can be situated based on what we are expecting about.

Blue Water Make Nice the Mop Houses

Chairs Under Cage Lamps Decor in the Map House

Cutlery Set Furnished the Decor that Glass Sliding Door Add Stylish the Mop House

Couch Showing Glass Sliding Door and Cream Wall Easly to Make Skylight Decor

Glass Windows were be Skylight Decor that Inspiring Our Decor

House that Ceiling Lamps Decor Add Bright the Room Decor

Leather Couch and Piant Wall Facing Taupe and White Pillows Facing Glass Twin Table Decor

Loungers in Map Home that Curved Glass Windows Add Nice the Building

Mop Home Showing Taupe and White Wall Decor that Completed the Interior

Lounges in Gray Color in Mop Home that Screen Glass Make Nice the Area

Table feat Flower Under Mirror that Glass Sliding Door Showing Outside View

White and Taupe Pillows Facing Taupe Bench at Mop Home Decor

Wooden Walls that Make Nice in the Interiors

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