Ultramodern Home Exposing the Stylish Look

If you are following the current trend and fashion, you can see that the Korean style is trending right now. But, today we are going to talk about the home design in Korean style. If you are looking for an inspiration in designing a super stylish and ultramodern home, this Ga on Jai Expo Town Project will be a great one for you. This building features the full privacy to maintain your intimacy along with the lovely landscape that will make the air feels fresh.

Wonderful Appearance of Green and White Ga On Jai House with much of Lighting Accent and Open Floor Plan Concept

Designed by IROJE KHM Architects in 2013, this stylish ultramodern home exposes the exquisite and extraordinary exterior design. A large and beautiful garden in this house is surrounded by the home building, the garden is decorated with the lovely stone pathway that will lead you to every entrance and varying green vegetation’s that will help making the air and atmosphere feel really fresh. The fresh green space is not only available on the lower level, but also on the upper one that can be reached using the stairs.

Stepping inside this home, you can find the dazzling interior that blends the clean white interior style along with the glass detail and warm wooden surface of the hardwood flooring. And do not forget about the exquisite details on the ceiling too. The result is really satisfying. Each space feels really bright and airy at the same time. Along with the use of glass details extensively, you can see the lovely green garden outdoors that seems to be the center on this home design.

Challenging Ga On Jai House Courtyard Area with Complicated Track of Stairs and Walk Path over the Green Tufts

Not only seeing the clean and bright white interior, you will be seeing space that equips the dark shades for the interior too. The stylish ultramodern home interior for this space also includes the use of transparent glass too. This will cause you to see the contrasting nuance between this space with the white one as seen through the glass window and door. Yet, this unique visual makes the white space appears really clean and crisp, thus emphasizing the modern nuance as well.

Extravagant Infinity Concept of Ga On Jai House Interior with Clear Glass Stairs Fence and Transparent Furniture Selections

Elegant White Parallel Kitchen Style Dominated by Glossy White Matter and Open Glass Windows to Let Natural Lighting Coming Inside

Creative Additional Wall Frames Installation inside Ga On Jai House for Lighting and Interior Decoration Ideas

Cool Appearance of Ga On Jai House Second Floor Plan to Show More Room Floor Plans to Maximize the Large Space of the House

Eye Catching Ga On Jai House Building among the Neighborhood with Different Design and Appearance Seen from the Top

Fabulous Ga On Jai House Center Courtyard Area with Tight Stairs to Access Upper Floor of the Residence Luxuriously

Green Ga On Jai House Idea with Eco Friendly Home Building Exterior Concept in Two Floor Levels for Living

Incredible Color Comparison between Cool and Airy White with Dark Black Scheme Painted in Other Room of Ga On Jai House

Long and Spacious Ga On Jai House Interior in White Walls and Ceilig and Natural Birch Wood Floor to Enhance the Value

Luxurious Full Ga On Jai House Floor Plan to Display the Whole Parts of the Residence for Living Playing and Relaxing

Marvelous Clean Master Bathroom Idea of Ga On Jai House with Oval Bathtub and Beam Details Spreading over the Room Interior

Refreshing Ga On Jai House Exterior Decoration for Living with Lush Vegetation Located almost Anywhere at Home

Simple Project Plan of Ga On Jai House to Benefit the Smallest Room in the House with Smart Storage Ideas Studded in the Wall

Simple View of the House of San Jo with Western Stone Decoration Set on Front Yard Area

Simple yet Appealing in only White Wood Scheme and Transparency on the Windows and Entrance Doors Concept

Smart Open Floor Plan Idea to Keep Ga On Jai House Interior Airy with Some Sets of Floor to eiling Glass Wall and Door

Spacious and Clean Central Point inside the Ga On Jai House with Wooden Floor and Stairs to Connect One and Other Areas of the House

Uncommon Appearance of Ga On Jai House with Unique Home Architecture Shape Seen from the Top with Large Courtyard Area as Point

Uplifting Living Space Architecture Named Ga On Jai House with Open Courtyard Roof to Show Lush Vegetation inside It

Wide Ga On Jai House Interior with Transparent Glass Windows Dominating the Room Walls to Give Scenic View of Outdoor

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