Unique House Design for Summer Session

A summer time will be perfect by spending it in a house with a perfect house design too. A house design where the homeowners can enjoy the sunny day and the spectacular scenery that nature presents. A house design with open concept will be the best choice. The homeowners will not let go the bright blue sky, the fresh warmth air, the green swaying trees, and the waving beach from their eyes to ne pleasingly enjoyed.

Breezy Living Space Building Design with Autumnal Themed Environment

This summer house is built by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter in Lagno, Sweden. Instead of multi-levels floor house, this house comes up with a concept of house design 1 floor. Although 1 floor house, the homeowners still can enjoy the front view outside since the front wall is fully designed with sliding glass doors and windows. The window frames are made of wood. So, even though the exterior design is from unpainted concrete wall, the wooden window frames gives natural touch. The wall is linked to the roof which is designed in multi gables. The zigzag shapes of the roof gives a unique touch in the middle of wild nature.

The interior design is dominated with minimalist wooden furniture. Besides enhancing the natural atmosphere, the colors of wooden furniture are striking comparing to the indoor wall color. The indoor wall is painted in ivory-white color. The longue is furnished with a black sofa, comfy armchair, and wooden coffee table accompanied by a white minimalist standing lamp. A beige rug with motif which lies under the sofa wills warmth the homeowner’s feet from the cold concrete floor. A set of oval wooden dining table and chair furnish the room on another side. White thin curtains are set all along the glass wall to give the homeowners privacy.

Bright Home Interior Environment in White Scheme and Birch Wood Sense

A simple concept of the house design does not over take the nature glorious. The homeowner can fully enjoy the nature landscape. This house design minimalist modern style is adorable house design to spend summer time.

Earthy Stone Appearance for Exterior Side and Wooden Interior Concept to Combine

Elegant Living Space Side View wth Spacious Porch Area

Complete Home Interior Compartments Floor Plan Graphic to Consider

Cool Side Living Space Elevation Floor Plan Picture

Luxurious Summer House in Sweden for Spending Much Time of Summer Holiday

Refreshing Outdoor View and Transparent House Building Concept for Porch

Incredible Exploded Axonometric Roof Plan to Make the House Unusual

Incredible Living Space Sections Floor Plan Picture to Pay Attention

Spacious Living Room With a Relaxing Outdoor View

Wonderful exterior View of Summer House in Sweden

Strategic Living Space Site Plan Picture Seen from the Top

Lovely Nature Scenery and Conventional House Building Design

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