Unique House Ideas Applied in Fusion Style

What can define a unique house? It means to choose strange style and even out-of-the-box idea to apply to the living space. Check out this brand new house designed for vintage look loving couples. It was built between Mediterranean houses, yet it looks very charming as it has glass surface as main exterior part. The glass looks like mirror because it reflects things around it. Furthermore, even though it is not as high as its neighbors, unique home still finds itself in good way.

Amazing V House Interior with Concrete Floor Concrete Wall Concrete Ceiling and White Pillars in it

Actually it is not like the house people see in Stuart little movie, but instead this unique house design covers space of apartment building. At back side, glass materials are still dominating exterior, but in combination with light ivory granite walls. There is garage as well, to put vintage cars in safe. The floating granite building gives shades to protect these expensive vehicles from too much sun heat.

In opposite style of unique and modern designs, rooftop is created in quite simple look. It only consists of black flooring surface contrasted to granite fence. But let’s go down to rooms below it. Granite stone is actually main star in this unique living space. For floor, it is chosen in white color for its neutrality to be combined with any furniture and color. Even dining table is chosen from white counter coated with acrylic glass, whereas chairs are in soft brown.

Unique V House with Wide Glossy Glass between Building with Brick Wall and Wide Mirrors on it

This house looks like an art gallery, especially when lots of artworks placed near window area. This way, people outside can take a look at showroom inside. Not only sculpture, but paintings or pictures hung to white walls can be done in applying unique house design. Last but not least, lighting arrangement can be finishing touch in this place, to better show it as sparkling space, which shines brightly at night.

Attractive V House at Night with the Smooth Interior Lighting in each Floor on the Road Side

Awesome V House Architecture with Irregular Panel in the Glass Windows with Houses in the City View

Bright Room in V House with Unique Ornament the Wide Glass Windows and the Concrete Floor

Appealing V House Design Plan for the Third Floor with Simple Style and Wide Space in it

Clean Staircase in V House with White Handle White Footings and Wide Glass Panel on the Ceiling

Fascinating Ornament in the V House near the Wide Glass Windows with Brick Wall View Outside

Innovative Night View of V House with Beautiful Lighting Interior in each Floor on the Road Side

Large Roof Area with Black Floor on V House with classic Houses View in the City

Modern Open Garage in V House under the Building with the Wide Glass Windows on it

Perfect Second Level Design Plan in the V House with the Wide Kitchen and Dining Area

Plain Kitchen and Dining Area in V House with White Island and Unique Ornament near Wide Windows

Shining V House Facade in the Road Side near Brown Building and the Brick Wall House

Unusual House Facade in V House with many Wide Mirror Windows between High Buildings in the City

Wide Area for the Open Garage under the V House Building with Concrete Ceiling and Concrete Floor

Wonderful Fourth Level Design Plan in V House with Wide Open Area in the Roof Top

Interesting V House in the Road Side between Amazing Buildings with Brick Wall and Wide Windows

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